Defrancos WS4SB

Ok let me start by saying im a HUGE fan of Defrancos stuff, i love the fact his system evolves with experience and that he constantly produces monsters.

A recent question at elite about him dropping decline from his original WS4SB caught my eye and got me thinking so i came up with some questions of my own, some about the change from first program and just some general . Joe’s clearly a busy man so i thought a discussion here could help me.

  1. Why 2 elbow flexion days now as opposed to one?

  2. Why drop the rep days supplemental triceps lift and go straight to the Lat/Upper Back supersets?

  3. Whats the difference between a dumbell side press and a lateral raise?

  4. Iv seen that his DE are not true box squats but are his ME?

Thanx to anyone that can offer any insight…