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DeFranco's Workout Plan...


I'm currently 6'2, 175lbs and am trying to gain some muscle mass for the next football season, as the current one just ended for me. I had a guy on my team who wrks at a gym, and is quite large (about 5'11 270) recommend this guy. Any yays or nays?


^thats the program.

were I to follow that, with a strict diet of...

Breakfast �?? Optimum Nutrtion 100% Whey with 1 tablespoon of olive oil mixed in

Snack �?? Zone bar, GROW bar or MoJoe Energy bar

Lunch �?? Peanut butter & banana sandwich on whole wheat, another serving of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey, 2 small cartons of skim milk.

After school �?? Turkey, roast beef or grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato & mustard on whole wheat or rye bread, a can of tuna, and 16 oz. of water.

Post-workout �?? Another serving of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey /w 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a GROW bar.

Dinner �?? Whatever my parents make, but LOTS of it.

Before bed �?? 1 last serving of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey with 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Is there anything I can add to or take away from this program to make it better? Or any suggestions or comments whatsoever? thanks.


Your meals are a little silly.

Breakfast: Egg whites, turkey bacon, peanut butter on toast, 16oz skim milk

Snack: Roast Beef and lot fat swiss cheese sandwich

Lunch: 1-2 More sandwiches. Lunch Bag full of carrot roots. Banana. Maybe some walnuts.

Post-Workout: Maybe you could have your walnuts now. You'd be better off putting in pasteurized egg whites into your smoothie than olive oil. Put in some bananas too. Consider a different brand of protein. Consider Metabolic Drive from this website. I used to take 4 scoops of Optimum Whey in a big shake that took up my entire blender. I had a lot of acne. Now I just drink a lot of skim milk. No more acne.

Dinner: You're spot on. Maybe have a glass of milk with dinner

Before Bed: Peanut Butter toast and Milk. We're talking skim milk and hippie chunky fresh ground peanut butter.

You can't really follow a set diet everyday. If you change one thing about diet become more reliant on whole foods and eat some animal in the middle of the day.


DeFranco is pretty much THE best way for teenagers to train. It's an excellent program


As far as training goes, for a football player I think Defranco's is the way to go. You can't argue with the results he's had over the years with his athletes, at all levels of competition. In tht respect, I think you are on the right track.

That said, I think your diet needs some work. You are a football player, not a bodybuilder, so I don't think you have to eat like a bodybuilder. It seems like you're relying a lot on powders and bars, but whole food should really make up the bulk of your diet.

Your breakfast should be MUCH bigger; add some oatmeal, eggs , sausage, etc. along with the shake. Same goes for your lunch. Also, get some powder with micellear caesin instead of whey for before bed. When gaining mass the best advice I got was double whatever you would normally eat.

This also might mean eating some food that is less than perfect, but such is the pursuit of mass. At 6'2" and 175lbs, you need to eat a lot more. Good luck in your pursuit and with your next season!


QFT, WSFSB is the best.