Defranco's Super Stregth DVD

I was wondering if the DVD is worth purchasing , in that with all of the new updates of WS4SB and the various videos already out. Are there alot of new and different things on this dvd that could be beneficial? Does Defranco cover a new method as opposed to the WS4SB or are they very similer already ?

Thank You

It’s basically an exercise list with video demonstration. Not really worth it IMO. Follow the templates online and check youtube for demonstrations if you’re confused.

I bought it and like it. I do recommend it if you want to see actual athletes performing the various lifts (even if they don’t use the best form for some of their max attempts). It will definitely help you with your training if you follow Joe DeFranco’s methods. It also comes with a small training pamphlet with different training templates.

It covers dynamic stretching for the upper and lower body, ME upper and lower body exercises, DE (mainly jumping exercises) exercises, RE exercises and other assistance lifts, rarely used lifts and ab exercises.

You can get it for a better price on It was on sale not too long ago for $39.95. Go see if it’s still on sale!

All I gotta say is if watching his athletes perform the lifts doesn’t get you psyched to lift then you don’t have a pulse!

I thought it was definitely worth it.