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Defrancos Guest Forum

It says, that defranco will be here at t-mag at 7pm. Which timezone is this?
Because I live in Germany and i want to know what time is it here in Germany whens 7pm at t-mag headquarters.

mtodog, it looks like there is 6 hours difference between Eastern Standard Time and Central European Time. Check out http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/info/timezone.htm.

So 7:00 EST (the time DeFranco said he’d be getting started) is 1:00 CET.

The Guest Forum will begin about the same time as T-mag is updated with new articles on Friday, and remember, that time can vary.

Also, remember that the Guest Forum will be active for a whole week, so don’t panic if you miss it on Friday afternoon/evening.

thanks guys cant wait fo rit.
already have written some Q?s