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DeFranco's 40 Yard Dash Manual


Has anyone read it and if you have was it worth 30 bucks ? I'd like to know if it is any good because 30 bucks for a 60 page manual is alot of money.


It's worth it. I won't fuck him over by telling you any details, but trust me it's worth it.


how similar is it to the parisi stuff?

he got a lot of stuff from them didnt he? he worked with them at one point?



He and Rooney actually wrote the original 40yd dash book... I am not sure if it is revised since then. Roon is Bill Parisi's director of training from what I can tell.

The book is a good buy if getting better at the 40 is a huge goal. Remember, the 40 is a test...like the SAT... does the SAT tell you that you are smart? Nope... it tells you that you can perform the SAT...

Now, explosive lower body power is associated with the 40, but even more so with the vertical as far as I am concerned..... well let's just say the two together are great.

So, is it a great book? Yes, for sure.

If you want to get good at the 40....

His combine video is great also...as are all of the Parisi videos.



There are similarities in every book these days. There are things that you don't know in this book, I believe it's worth it.


$2.00 per page huh?

Well, Pavel charges more than that and I have to believe that anything Defranco has to say is more important than anything the evil russian has to offer.



This is the second edition, so does it leave out all the info in the 1st book? And is the info just things that we could probablly learn here on T-Nation or any good training website, or is it a lot more in depth?


While you're at it, buy Kelly Baggett's book too.

Between those two you'll have enough info to produce a damn near 40in. vertical in about 2-3yrs.



I have the most recent edition and love it. I can't imagine that he'd leave anything out. Rather, it would be updated or new info.

Great buy!


I'll second the person who mentioned Parisi.

The 40yd dash DVD is an excellent buy at $25 or $30 that goes over multiple stance starts for various sports and techniques.


I have the original edition I think, some parts of it seem kind of vague for the price, but some of it (especially the stuff on starts and the first few strides) are really helpful. If the 40's important to you, especially for football, I'd say it's worth the price.