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DeFranco Video!


Was just on defranco's website, turns out he is comming out with a new video! I am fucking pumped about this one. I learn a ton from Joe. This video is supposed to be about how he trains his athletes. Is anybody here in the know about this product?


Just from reading his posts about this on elite and his own website, it is going to be a video detailing his strength training system...Supposed to be pretty comprehensive along with a lot of live footage. Should be a great investment!


P.S. I believe he said it was in editing.


Awesome! I cannot wait.


Awesome! I'll be looking out for this one. I made a lot of progress on his WFSB program.


What I like most about Joe DeFranco is that he trains athletes not bodybuilders. I spend more time on this website reading up on nutrition and supplementation, but probably get more training tips from him. By the way, if you haven't tried his new DeFranco energy bars you should, they are awesome, and worth the money.

I also just got a free can of the Spike Shooters, I'm gonna try that tommorrow, I don't like relying on just one preworkout supplement, I also love Advocare Spark, for what it's worth. I will definitely order his video when available.


Hey guys - Thanks for the interest in my upcoming video. I am really pumped about this one. Basically, this video will bring the "Westsdie for Skinny Bastards" article to life. The video will explain how we organize Max-effort, Dynamic-effort & Repeated-effort methods into the training of our athletes. The thing that I think really makes this video unique is that we are NOT just demonstrating exercises...they are actual clips of athletes training! I don't know of too many other videos that have done this.

Look for "SUPER-STRENGTH, The ultimate guide to develop strong & explosive athletes" to be available on my website within the next 3 weeks!

Joe D.


Will I Beable to get it shipped to england?


Yes, we will be able to ship the video to England!

Joe D.


Wow, sounds fucking ace, do u know how long it will be?


This will be great! WSFSB is still the best workout I've ever found/used. I really like your workouts. Do you have an approximate release date yet?


We are just finishing up the editing now...it will probably be around 1hour 15min. We cut out a lot so there is no "fluff". Every second of the video will contain useful info. I don't like 3 hour videos that have a lot of filler. I want useful info and that's it. That's what this dvd is going to give you...USEFUL INFO!

Joe D.


Any idea on what the price might be?


who give's a crap about the price. It will be worth it! DeFranco and the guys from westside aren't out to rip people off. I talked to one of the elitefts guys before I signed up for the force training seminar and I remarked at how inexpensive I thought the seminar was. He told me that they understood that most lifters don't have a ton of tough to blow on overpriced videos.


Ha ha, what about his over priced protein bar? What do you think of that?


I think they are not overpriced, just placed my 2nd order of them, they are worth every penny. Try them, then you will see what they are all about.


Hey Joe,

Have you considered making it a download style video? I know Thib has one on www.muscledrivethru.com.

Although, due to the amount of piracy in this day and age I would understand your reasons for not wanting to do it.

Man O' War


Not only are Defranco's bars over priced, but they are loaded with high fructose corn syrup. And that crap is BAD for you.


Do you have a link to back this up - im not trying to back you in a corner - just interested.



All you have to do is go over to his site. He admits that the bars are loaded with high fructose corn syrup.

Here's what else is in them:

Calories ? 300
Protein ? 28g
Total Carb ? 26g
Sugars ? 8g
Total Fat ? 8g
Saturated Fat ? 5g
L-Tyrosine ? 1800mg
Caffeine ? 115mg

At $2.33 for these little (a box of 12) things I would think that a better deal and certainly a more healthful deal can be had elsewhere.

You guys can do whatever you'd like, I'm steering clear of this bar.

  1. It's too expensive

  2. In my opinionIt's an unhealthy bar

  3. It's loaded with sugar, fat and caffeine, so much for modern day science.


I could see your point if I were eating a couple a day or even one every day, but I'm eatin about 3 a week for tough workouts, the good outways any bad which i think is way overblown. I would like to here what some of the writers on this site think of this bar.