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DeFranco/Tate Seminar?!


Looks like big Dave Tate & Joe D are having a seminar in May. They haven't mentioned it yet, but i was clicking around elitefts.com and saw the announcement in the seminar/events section. Wow, this is a MEGA-seminar by 2 of the best in the biz. Just wanted to post this becuz there hasn't been much talk about it yet. I will be there. Will anyone else be there. I always love puttin a "face with a name" at seminars.


I might know something about this. :wink:

Let's just say that Dave and Joe are incredible on their own, but the rest of the lineup on a comparable seminar a bit later is going to take this thing to a whole new level.


The seminar IS going down! Here's the link on Dave's site:

I will post more specific info on my site as well within the next couple of weeks.

And as Eric stated, there will be a true MEGA-SEMINAR coming shortly after my seminar with Dave.

Stay tuned!!!
Joe D.


What's your name? I have a mind to sign up and it would be cool to have a T-Nation buddy there!



Yeah, I think I may show up too. I already know Jared, so it'd be cool to put a few more faces with names, Steel. It should be a great seminar. I've already seen Tate talk at the Test Fest, and it was great. It should be interesting to see what Joe has to say. Steel seems to be quite the DeFranco fan!



Damn, this sounds pretty cool. Any idea where the location for the MEGA seminar might be? I'll be in NYC for the summer and if the second seminar is much farther, well then I'd just hit this one up instead.


I'll give you a hint:


Okay, I suck at this game. :stuck_out_tongue:


pretty sure i'll be there, i'm sure it will be awesome with joe and tate presenting.


OK...enough of this messing around.

Dave T and Joe D are having a seminar on the 13th and 14th of May at Joe D's House of Pain in Wyckoff.

Before you start responding to that slight movement you just sensed in your shorts....entries are closed for those of you who were too slow out of the blocks...it's a full house.

What I want to know is who else is going?

Next...how does a shy and introverted guy like myself go about getting a library card so I can borrow some books to read in my room in the days leading up to Saturday and Sunday in an effort to pass time fruitfully while in NYC awaiting the start of the seminar?

Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone?


If you're feeling frisky and are up for a 90-minute drive North, you're welcome to get in a lifting session with a big Friday night crew at South Side. There's usually pizza and beer in between sets on Friday, too.



EC, you forgot to mention the comedy stylings of Matt Rhodes


I think he'd be merciless if he heard Will's accent...


The pizza's and beer sound fine as I am sure you and your light weight mates would struggle to get through a 6 pack and a family size pizza under your own steam but are you really still calling that nonsense you get up to 'training'? Getting dressed up in your Kevlar 16 ply bullet proof jimmy jams and rolling around on your bloody pool noodles and doing that pathetic drama club improvisation routine/Noah's Ark reactactment where you and your buddies pretend you are different animals...what was it last time...cats, camels...and that bit where you went up to the power rack and pretended you were pissing on it like a dog....well that was just plain sacrilegious as far as I'm concerned...you and your type make me sick to my stomach....not so sick that I won't turn up for the beer a pizza...but sick all the same.



Don't get me started on accents...last time I was in the States I was the only person there that didn't have one.


Seems this event is sold out?
I have a strongman contest on the 13th anyhow


It's called frolicking. You folks in the Motherland ought to try it more often; it might not rain as much over there if you did.



Obviously this sort of seminar is not attractive to T-Nation....or maybe it is just that I'm not attractive to T-Nation....surely someone must be going? The last time I was in New York there were several people there and surely someone should be able to tell me what I should be doing while I'm there?


Sorry Will, I'm from Upstate, NY and have only been to "The City" twice.

They have a large statue that was given to them from the French. It used to be copper colored, but is now green.

And you can always check out the homeless people. Give money to one and see how many others you can get to come out.

Taxi rides are a tourist site themselves. You can get a cab to one side of the city, then get another one back.

I'm sure there's more, but again, I've only been there twice.


Just confirmed today that I'm in for Day 2. I'll be in Maine Friday, Boston and then Connecticut Saturday, and then New Jersey on Sunday. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone (except Will, of course :P).


That's great news Eric...I'll need someone to run around getting my coffee and that sort of thing...glad you'll be able to make it.