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Defranco Shoulder Shocker, Is It Enough?


Hello ive been using the defranco Shoulder Shocker after chest and back training for 2 weeks now and it’s amazing but my question is can that be enough for shoulders? Reason I’m asking as I’m prone to impingment due to irregular structure in my shoulders so doing regular shoulder workouts can set me back for over 2 weeks and the shoulder shocker doesn’t do that and it actually gets a brilliant pump and soreness from it which I haven’t experienced in over 6 years

So is it adequate enough? All I see is positive reviews so I’m just wanting a simple yes or no haha



I hear this DeFranco has a success story or two so he may be worth listening to.


I’m confused, did you need more proof than this? And how are any of us more credible than Joe DeFranco?


Just wanted clarification that’s it’s fine to use as a shoulder routine only


He says it is, and that’s good enough for me, but the article does say that after shoulder problems subside you can start putting in more middle delt work- more lateral raises, etc. He mentions in that article that he gives back twice the pulling volume that chest gets so if you were to structure your workouts like that I’m sure your rear delts, with the band pulls parts, seated clean and press, and horizontal pulling, would get adequate work. So after you’ve had a solid block of time with no shoulder impingement problems, perhaps you can add that middle delt work in.


Well it has side Laterals in anyway I was thinking of just sticking to the shoulder shocker only with rear Delt work and that’s it and use progressive overload on the shoulder shocker to keep increasing growth would that work?


Here’s another thing from Joe that will help keep your shoulders healthy.


Just do Shoulder Shocker only and rear delt work and you will be fine, don’t worry about the weights for these exercise, prioritize form and getting in sufficient volume.

You will see progress as long as you have a progressive overload plan for your big compound movements.


I think I might do shoulder shocker next time I run a Squat/Bench bulgarian