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DeFranco Seminar


Who is going to the DeFranco seminar on Saturday? I am going.


Sorry, I must have missed this. Where is it?


The seminar was great!


Also, a good thing about the seminar was that it was not too complicated. :slight_smile:


Yes, it was very informative and Joe is great guy.

Next up.. ELITEFTS SEMINAR April 8th and 9th @ St. Johns $200. Whos going?


As of right now, I plan on attending the Elite seminar.


Bradley / Jason,
Can you guys list the top 3 things that you learned at the seminar? I'm not trying to steal info, but I'm so pissed cuz I was all signed up then at the last minute I had some family obligations. :frowning:
I love Defrancos stuff and was just wondering if you can give me some general things that you guys walked away with? Any info is appreciated!


I typed out some of my notes most which probably will not make much sense to you. However if you want you can email me at jmanenko@stevens.edu and I will send you what I got.
All in all as a well read athlete, strength coach, track coach, it reconfirmed most of the stuff I already do and gave me a better idea of how to explain it to others. I did learn a few new cues and exercises which was also good as well as some good PNF Stretching technique.


1) How to properly PNF stretch an athlete (you know, the hard stretches you see him doing in photos).
2) Many article writers do not train their athletes in the manner they write and many of them do not train anyone significant at all. Furthermore, many of them are crooks and actually pretty mean.
3) How to effectively train athletes in groups.


Thanks guys!
Bradley, was there anything different about his PNF strtetching techniques? His photos look pretty extreme on his website.

And were you guys able to talk to him afterwards, during breaks, etc? A lot of guys in this field are pretty stand-offish. How was DeFranco? Just wondering.
Thanx again.


I do not know much about PNF stretching in the first place, so I just learned a lot in that respect.

For your second inquiry:
When you go to a seminar put on by Dave Tate, Jim Wendler, and Joe DeFranco there is none of the "I am the strength training god and you pay me for every second I speak to you" crap during breaks or during lunch.

When I went to the Elite seminare in PA this summer, Wendler was just behaving like one of us. Actually Joe and Jim are pretty humble people, and at times self effacing, who admit they do not know it all and have had made mistakes in their training of themselves and others.

During the break at the Elite seminar inthe summer, Wendler walked to the pizza place with all of us and just sat down and joked around, gossiped, and shot the shit with all of us. He let me ask him questions at lunch and even before we went into the meeting place on the second day, just standing on the street at 8 something in the morning.

DeFranco was the same way. He ate lunch with us and answered tons of my and others' questions. He did not care if you wandered around the place, tried out a chinning bar or a GHR bench during down time. Basically, what I like about Westside guys and Westside influenced guys (ie: DeFranco) is that:

1) They stick to what works, not what is fancy.

2) They have scientific minds but do not feel the need to bore the shit out of themselves or you with fancy jargon, graphs, charts, bragging about athletes they train, and other useless shit.

3) Unlike gurus and yodas, they do not claim to be god or know everything or feel the need to bore you with shit that can fill up articles but have no application to the real world.

4) They train fuckin' heavy themselves!

5) They are not afraind to tell you who they think is full of shit in the strength training world.

6) They tell funny stories and are generally funny people.

7) And above all, they are GOOD HEARTED, GENEROUS people.
PM me if you wanna chat it up more.


I'll be at Elite's seminar in April!

As for Joe and Jim, I agree - Genuine, humble guys - they do not try to impress themselves or others through scientific talk that is holier than though - rather they give you info that is result producing that is not all about this and that muscle fiber.