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DeFranco Question


Hey guys , I am a HUGE fan of DeFranco training programs simply because they work . I was doing his Built like a badass program and was loving it, recently I Bought his Built2last program. I can see it is his new style of training but I still like to lift heavy and I dont feel like im old enough (washed up) to really focus extensively warming u etc. Do you think I should follow his new stuff or his old program? I will give an example of week 1 of each program.

Monday â?? Upper Body
1. Bench Press: 72.5% of your 1RM x 8, 77.5% x 6, 82.5% x 4 or more
2. Flat Dumbbell Press: 2 x Max Reps using the same weight for both sets. (Choose a weight that you can get around 20-25 reps with on the first set.)
3A. Seated Overhand-Grip Cable Row: 4x15
3B. Cable Triceps Pushdown (straight bar): 4x15
4A. Dumbbell Shrugs(2-second hold at the top): 3x15
4B. Dumbbell Lateral Raise: 3x15
5. Barbell Complex (Deadlift, Bent-over Row, Hang Clean, Push Press, Back Squat): Do two sets of 10 reps on each exercise. Rest 90 seconds between sets.
Wednesday â?? Lower Body
Excite the nervous system
1. Dumbbell Squat Jumps, holding 10-pound Dumbbells: 4x6
2. Squat or Deadlift: 72.5% of your 1RM x 8, 77.5% x 6, 82.5% x 4
3A. 45-Degree Back Raise (hold weight plate over chest): 3x15
3B. Seated Medicine Ball Twists (feet off ground): 3x20 each side
4. Timed one-mile run: You can do this on a treadmill or outside on a track. If you're unable to run due to injuries, you can substitute this with two miles on the exercise bike or elliptical. Whatever you choose, make sure you try and complete the distance in the least amount of time. Record your time!
Friday â?? Upper Body
1. Chin-ups (total reps): Chin-up max + 50%
Note: If you got 20 reps when you tested your chin-up max, you would take 50 percent of 20 (10 reps) and add that to your total to make it look like this:
20 reps (max) + 50% (10 reps) = 30 total reps of chin-ups.
Break it into as many sets as you need but make sure every rep is perfect.
2A. Lat Pull-down (Wide, overhand-grip): 2 x Max Reps using the same weight for both sets. (Choose a weight that you can get around 20-25 reps for your first set.)
2B. Standing Dumbbell Military Press: 2 x Max Reps using the same weight for both sets. (Choose a weight that you can get around 15-20 reps for your first set.)
3A. "Rolling" Triceps Extension: 4x8
3B. Hammer Curl (both arms same time): 4x8
4. Core Circuit: x 2
a. 20 Toe Touches
b. 30 Bicycles
c. Side Plank x 30 seconds each side
5. 100 push-ups as fast as possible. Record the time it took you to complete all 100.


Week 1: Upper Body Workout

Built 2 Last warmup / foam rolling

1a. Narrow Grip Barbell Bench Press
70% 4x4 Last set 4+
1B Iso-hold Y-W-T 4x10 sec hold each position

  1. Strength Capacity Circuit : 3 Rounds
    a. Off-set Med ball Push-ups w/ shoulder touch x 5-10 reps each arm
    b. Seated Cable rows x 12-15
    c. L-lateral Raise w. Long lever Eccentric x 10-12
    d. Mcgrill Sit-ups x8-10 each side

Day 2. Lower Body Workout

Built 2 last warm â??up

  1. Pre-squat Activation circuit: 2 rounds
    a. Toes rises x15
    b. TKEâ??s x 15 each leg
    c. Straight leg heel raise x8-10
    d. Side planks x 10-15 each leg

  2. Eccentric Rear foot elevated Barbell split Squat -6sec lowering
    30% 3x5 each leg

  3. Trap Bar Deadlift 55% 2x8
    4.a Single leg hip thrusts 2x8-10
    b.BW Calf raises on floor 2x10-15
    c. Stability Ball Crunch 2x10

Day 3 â?? Upper Body
Built 2 last upper body warmup

1a. Eccentric Incline DB Bench Press- 6 sec lowering 20% 3x8
1b. Bilateral Lat pulldown w/unilateral eccentric 6sec lower 3x5

2.Strength Capacity Circuit : 3 rounds
a.Strict DB flys w/internal rotation x 8-10
b.mini-band pull parts underhanded x12-15
c. concentration curls x 8-10
d. Dead-stop DB tricep extensions x 8-10
e.Pike plank x12-15


What made you quit doing "built like a badass"?


I didn't quit the program I'm still running it just was curious if I should try his new program even though I still like his old setup, I hear nothing works forever but maybe .....it can ?


If your current program is working, I see no reason to stop doing it.


Lifting according to the above will 100% absolutely guarantee that you eventually become said old washed up(and injured) guy; if that's your goal have at it. If you're in the weight room, you're old enough to be warming up properly and doing mobility work, etc.


I'm screwed, haha.


The built to last warm ups take 5 minutes to do, that should not be a reason why you would not like it. The built to last is kinda like 5/3/1, its kinda of a long term slower progression model. Nothing to outrageous in term of volumes or loads but a simple progression pattern and joint friendly. The built like a bad ass is probably more enjoyable to do if I had to pick. I do not know enough about the effectiveness of the strength circuits since I've never ran the program but Defranco does know what he is talking about. His west side for skinny bastards template was probably the first workout where I was like "ive been doing everything wrong"


Yes I bought the built 2 last program and I know it would work but the built like a badass makes me still feel like a competitive athlete, plus I do mobility and foam rolling but I still like to lift heavy, I Feel like b2l is for people who got beat up in the weight room I'm still beating myself up :wink:


I think you've already made your mind up and you want us to confirm it for you.


Lol Pretty much I just feel like I would be going backwards using an old program even though it is more appealing to me, Probably overthinking things as I usually do, but his new program is based on his new style of training. Anyone with experience with any of these two programs ?


I still can't follow what is happening. If your current program is meeting your goals, I don't see a reason to stop following it. If it's not, I don't see a reason to keep doing it.


Just trying to get some opinions if this is the new style of training that makes the old outdated, I like your blog btw keep it up.


If a program allows you to reach your goals, does it matter if it's outdated? I feel as though the only thing that should be of concern is if a program works or not.