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DeFranco Documentary Out Yet?


Is it out yet? Does anyone know? I keep watching the trailers but I can't seem to recall teh release being announced.


As far as I know, No it isn't, when asked he awalys just says that it will be out soon, lol.


the previews make it seem soooo badass, im definitely going to get it when it does release, i would think he would announce when it is released on the ask joe section of his site


I am getting a free copy when I go to his seminar in December. I'll let you know how it is.


Damn, I want to go to that seminar, but I live in London.


It sold out in 1 hour. I was lucky to get in.

EDIT: It just hit me how crazy this is, but they sold $10,000 worth of seminar in under an hour. That's a helluva online presence.


they are the best in the world