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Deformed Biceps


so i've noticed that my biceps are developing, but they are turning out pretty ugly. it looks good when i bend my arm and flex, but and it is relaxed and straighted the part of the bicept near forearm sticks out, while the bicept part near the shoulder is caved.

i've been doing standup dumbbell curls going from front thighs to shoulders with palm facing out.

any suggestions?


there 2 kind of biceps, ones that peak easier (leaving a gap btween the head of the bicep and eblow) and ones made more for mass (peak seems to be shortened because the bicep is more stretched towards the elbow)

sounds like ur bicep is one of "mass" genetics. when ur arm is straight the bicep will tend to go more down to the elbow, this is normal for any bicep. keep training eventually the peak of your bicep will increase and you wont have the caved in look.

arnold likes to do concentration curls because they help increase your peak of the bicep. (according to him anyways, but ive never doubted arnold)

anyways without actually seeing your bicep i could be totally wrong and maybe ur arm is messed up, but if its both of your arms i really doubt there is anything wrong.

posting how long u been training for and a pic of ur bicep flexed and unflexed would help alot.


You cannot change the appearance/length/peak of your bicep through exercise. The shape of a muscle is genetically predetermined.

You're probably comparing your biceps to those in bodybuilders' photos. There is nothing wrong with your arm, it'll even out once you've packed more mass. Make sure you include chinups and weighted chinups into your routine.


Just make 'em so big that they fill in all the gaps :slightly_smiling:



May we see what your biceps look like?


I agree with this!!!!!


both left and right arms are the same
these are flexed-bend and straight shots
i think its because my curls work hard on the bottom of the rep whereas the angle requires more lift?


This thread isn't shit without pics!!!!

Probably normal man, you are just growing!


Mine do this, think of yourself as having long biceps. The mass in the second pic is pretty good anyway, they leap up from the elbow, what are you worried about?


im worried because it only looks good bent and flexed, but i don't walk around like that. i walk around with my arm straight and im not targeting a bodybuilder's physique, i only want to go halfway


halfway of what? By the pictures it doesn't look like you weigh much...so maybe you should give it a couple years and then see what your biceps look like. You like your on pace...just pack on some mass


if you don't have the genetics to have peaked biceps, you ain't gettin' them so to speak. you can see from pics that arnold's left bi had nowhere near the kind of peak his right did and no matter how many cc's he did it wasn't going to change.


OP, is that as straight as you can get it? Still looks a little bent to me. I see what you mean though, it kind of goes straight down and then barely protrudes out again. It's really not that noticeable though, I wouldn't have seen it if you didn't tell me to look for it.

I don't think the OP has a problem developing his biceps, as per the original post. Did anyone else have the same issue he is asking by doing standing dumbbell curls? If so, how did you go about "fixing it" and did packing on more mass help?

Op, just so we understand correctly, its not the gap you have a problem with, its the bump near the elbow when your arm is straight, right?


yea its the bump thats the problem. i really don't care how it looks like flexed because as i said before, i don't walk around bent and flexed

any exercise that target the top specifically?


Get bigger arms. Seriously. That's it.


Not just bigger arms - you need more size all over.

You are growing. Keep growing, and stop obsessing.

And i would love to know what half-way to a body builder is. I have never heard anyone admit to only wanting to go half-way.


You do know that bump is muscle right? You're not deformed in any way. Now eat some steak or 5


From the picture, it simply looks like you don't have much muscle mass. Apart form that, I agree that your arm doesn't look deformed or strange in any way.

Seriously, concentrate on gaining muscle mass all over. Many perceived 'abnormalities' will sort themselves out or become a non-issue once you have filled out your frame.


you'll be fine in 40 lbs, I promise


Thanks guys, I was just worried because it is also the only spot on the bicep that gets sore the next day.