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DeflateGate: What About the One Inflated Ball and Gostkowski?


Anyone find it a little odd Gostkowski was never questioned?

The thing that gets me, the kicker is the one other guy other than the qb who would potentially have interest in the PSI of a ball.

So, I wonder what his preferred PSI is, or if he's ever been on record prior to stating what it is.. Of course, I'm assuming he would want his PSI to be maxed out for a max long field goal rather than a deflated football and a shorter kick.

Is it just me, or is it very curious the NFL never got around to asking him?

Also, very curious they came out the day before the superbowl stating that only a couple balls were slightly deflated.. How do they go from all but one ball was below the regulations, and one ball was right AT max regulations (or am I getting this wrong?) to only a couple balls were slightly deflated? Does anyone think Gostkowski would have had his max psi football had the game been on the line for a 50 yard field goal?

Interesting. I'm not saying it would have impacted the game vs. the Colts, but hey they are rules..


Kicker's use separate balls.




Thanks for that!


It's already been addressed that kickers use separate balls, so putting that aside...

Bingo. The league has been very flim-flammy in its handling of this whole deal:


"Who certified the footballs before the game, and how confident is the league that the proper protocols were taken by the game officials? All we've heard via the leagueâ??s statement: "Prior to the game, the game officials inspect the footballs to be used by each team and confirm that this standard is satisfied, which was done before last Sundayâ??s game." A few more details would be nice.

Precisely what was the PSI reading of each of the Patriots' footballs at halftime? Numerous reports have put it at more than two PSI below the acceptable range, other reports have said it was closer to one. Give us the exact data. And while we're at it, what were the Colts' readings at halftime?"

And while I agree that some deflated footballs don't account for a 45-7 margin of victory, I do think this is a big deal. Again, quoting the above article:

"If rules governing the actual ball arenâ??t important, then what are we all doing here?"


Fucking really lol?


They won, get the fuck over it.




lmao... Boomer was on the radio this morning.

Tell ya what, Boom ends up right about this an it's going to be ya boy HArrbaugh and the Colts that lose draft picks.


Lol, Boomer Esiason is a fucking idiot. What a load of bull shit conjecture that borderlines slander.


So is 3/4ths of what people said about Brady and Bill leading up the the Superbowl...

This is Bread and Circus man, nothing is below the belt.


Ya I agree; however, this isn't some douche on T-Nation, this is Boomer Esiason we're talking about.


It was equally bad lol. ESPN for a week was "shit on the pats & Brady is a liar".

Anyway it doesn't matter. Not at all. The single reason it got more than 5mins of coverage is because Pats.


If rules governing training camp aren't important...
If rules governing taking PEDS aren't important...
If rules governing tampering aren't important...
If rules governing injury disclosure aren't important...
If rules governing holding aren't important...

Come on man... Don't be so dramatic.


Perhaps, I can only take ESPN in small doses. They're always trying to cram some outside the lines sob story down your throat.


Chris Carter after the game was... Pathetic. He was trying, over and over to try and tear down Brady lol. Dilfer shut him the fuck down.

I thought they were going to fight, lol.


I think what's going on in ATL is worse than some underinflated balls, yet I've heard very little by way of outrage.


Lol, that's funny. Carter has no room to talk.


It was brought up on NFL radio the other day and the caller hit the nail right on the head when he said something to the effect of, "It's because Atlanta only won 5 games..."

That is one area I do agree with Beans on. A solid 50%+ of this whole thing is because the Patriots are perpetual winners.


I'm going much higher than 50%, but yeah, X3.

That said, while I do think pumping in crowd noise is worse on the "omg they cheated" scale... I Don't care if they did, lol. I just don't expect sports teams or players to play fair.


Fake crowd noise in Atlanta? I thought that only happened for Goldberg in the WCW.