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Deflated Bicep or Torn?


Hello all, the other day I was brushing my teeth looking in the mirror. I noticed that my right bicep didn’t look like the left. They have always looked the same kind of short thick biceps. Now the right one has a thin tall head when I flex it. It also hurts when I flex it almost like a cramp. Has anyone come across this before?


Deflated or torn? lmao!

Do you know how muscles work? if it was torn, you would know.

Deflated, though? If you use synthol, it’s probably just deflated.


Why not post a picture?


Get in a bath and have a look around your arm to see if any bubbles are raising from it and coming to the surface of the water. That will tell you if you have the dreaded arm puncture- very common cause of deflated arm.


So a ruptured biceps tendon at the shoulder may be what you are talking about. It can happen without your knowledge if you have been lifting for a while. Both of my bicep tendons are ruptured and it has left an indentation in my upper arm. I wasn’t aware of the first time, it took an ortho surgeon to see it and tell me. The second time, I felt it pop.




That’s it that’s what it looks like. About three years ago I was working on a truck overhead. When I turned the ratchet I heard and felt a pop arm went limp. I thought might have been rc. But that’s what mine looks like


It sucks. You might still be able to get them surgically corrected. Mine have retracted so far that arthroscopic surgery really isnt an option. they would have to open both arms to reattach.


So does it really effect strength? I’m not a body builder but do want to lift a lil bit


you forgot to post a picture.


Probably, without the attachment at the shoulder, there is less muscle to contract.


a little bit. I have a partially torn right bicep, at the shoulder. I don’t necessarily feel that it is weaker on lifts, but it is much easier to strain than the left biceps. So I have to be careful with it. I’m sure that in its weakened condition, a full tear is more likely than it would be on the other side.