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Definitive Clean Bulk Diet

what i need most right now is to create a definitive diet to follow by
i tried the food log, but since i was eating different things every day it became too hard to keep track so i figured a schedule of what to eat for every day of the week with the calories and protein for each day already calculated out would be great
my stats are
age: 16
height: 5’10"
weight: 155 lbs

i remember at 147 lbs somebody told me i had to be eating roughly 3000 calories a day
right now im unsure at 155 lbs how many calories to eat and how to space my meals throughout the day, would 6 meals suffice?
heres an example of what i think it would look like (notice all the stuff on here is easy to prepare because i dont wanna hassle with cooking chicken breast and shit every day)

morning: multivitamin, 1 scoop (26g) whey protein drink, oatmeal, banana

mid morning: tbsp olive oil, pb and banana sandwhich, carrot sticks

mid noon: roast beef sandwhich with blueberries

noon: tbsp olive oil, turkey slices with yogurt and apple

late noon: 2 scoops (52g) post workout whey protein drink, steamed brocolli

night: whatever my mom cooks up

protein aim: 155g
calorie aim: ?

to calculate my flaxmeal intake would i need a food scale because i just bought it in bulk

Bread sucks, and there’s no protein in your second meal.

Add another meal after “whatever mom cooks up.” Cottage cheese would be a good idea.

Check this out to count stuff:


It’s free, just sign up and put what you eat in there.

Protien in every meal.

A “general” way to find your caloric intake is bodyweight x 15 (some go as low as 10 and as high as 20)

Eat good carbs; whole grain stuff.

Get a shot glass from dad and take shots of olive oil.


This diet will work great if by “clean bulking” you mean “gain nothing whatsoever”.

eating the same thing every day is a good idea. Very effective for gauging you progress at a specific protein/caloric level. It is also easy to adjust both levels up/down depending on your progress.

When bulking, a general rule is to consume your bodyweight x20 in kcal.

For ground flax-meal, I use the following rough guidelines:
2 tbsp = 60kcal, 3g pro, 4g fiber (the rest is fat).
There are 16 tbsp in a cup. Eat by the 1/4 cup.

You’ve been on here long enough to have read the stickies. You should know you could use more protein, and more calories. Think about advice given to others who list carrot sticks and steamed broccoli on their bulking diets.
(eat these, they’re good for you, but since they constitute almost no calories, leave them off. You don’t include water in your diet, do you?)

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