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Definition of Lower Pecs


Hey everyone, just got directed to this site by a friend and it's been phenomenal so far. About a year and a half ago I began training at 215 lbs of pure fat, I'm now at about 172-175 after bottoming about about 160. I'm looking to increase my overall look so I just recently started experimenting with cycling, Mass, "Normal", Definition, Cardio.

I'm in the definition cycle right now and was wondering if anyone could recommend some exercises specifically for the lower pecs to really curve them out at the bottom besides the usual flyes. I've been racking my brain for a while and M & F magazine isn't all that helpful for the shaping phase, thanks in advance. If you wanted any more info about me, just ask away.


"shaping" is mostly bullshit. You can't "carve" shape into your pecs. You can probably preferentially build the upper part of your pecs versus the lower but even this seems to be debated on the forums. Frankly, it doesn't really matter as you probably want/need mass all over your chest.

Getting "shape" or "definition" or toning or whatever you want to call it is a two step process:

  1. Build some muscle.

  2. Lose some fat.

Nothing more. If you build your pecs, they will take whatever shape you are genetically programmed to have and if you lean out you'll be able to see them.


There is no such thing as "carving out your lower pecs". It simply can't happen. If you don't have that delineation between your pecs and upper abs, it is because you don't have enough overall size on your chest. No specific exercise "carves" that out. You BUILD your pecs up until you get enough mass to hang and make a difference. Likewise, you don't "carve" your inner pecs. You BUILD enough mass until you get that cleavage.

I am not quite sure what you mean by the cycles of periodization that you mentioned. How long are these intervals and are you really giving enough time to actually build some decent muscle on your frame?


That would imply that Muscle & Fiction is helpful at other times. Not the case.

Just to echo what these guys are saying, if it were possible to isolate the loewr pecs, I could, theoretically, do nothing but decline presses and flyes until I built myself a perky set of boobs. At which point, I'd dump my girlfriend, and stay in my house all day, everyday. Needless to say, this will not be happening.

Don't waste time and energy on flyes. Stick with all the neato variations of presses, and you'll soon be sPECtacular. :wink:


ok, maybe shaping wasn't the right word, what I mean by the shaping cycle is a focus away from mass building movements, ie a bigger focus on flyes and stabilization exercises. I'll do higher reps, working in the 10-15 rep range. As far as how long the periods are, as I said I'm still in the experimentation phase, so I'm moving between cycles on a weekly basis, my body just isn't ready for more than 1 mass building cycle in a row but eventually I'd like to be on month long cycles


I don't know what you mean. You should still be doing compound movements if leaning out and still be lifting heavy on at least some of your weekly workouts. The only thing you want to watch is excessive volume when your calories are lower.


I see no use for flyes.....EVER. They are a "pretty" exercise, meaning, if you have some size on you, you will look great doing them, but they are not a core mass builder. Spending weeks away from exercises that actually do build mass just to do flyes makes about as much sense as tits on Rosie O'Donnell.

As far as you moving between cycles, please, quit the bullshit. An experimentation phase? For gaining some muscle mass? Find a program and stick to it. Jumping from one to the other will do very little for your overall goals but allow you to waste time in the gym. Lastly, throw away your Men's Fitness magazines.


HA..for some reason that just made me crack up.


Let me throw you a bone here:

Since you're new here, probably all you know about weightlifting comes from the muscle rags - they are mostly full of shit. (See for yourself on a monthly column here called "Ghost Dawg" which picks them apart one by one).

That said, I think most of us started out by reading those magazines. Read the training and nutrition articles on this site - look for a post titled "Are You A Beginner" by a guy called vroom. This is the best training advice you can get.

Regarding your other questions, flyes are useless. I know you see pictures of them everywhere but trust us on this one. Also, there is no such thing as shaping a muscle. I also don't understand what you mean by 'stabilization exercises'. Are you saying that flyes work your stabilizers more than presses??? No f'in way.

Now go check out that thread by vroom (I also think there's a part 2 to the thread), train hard and have fun.