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Definition of Intermediate?

Just wondering what are the type of lifts a lifter needs to achieve in order to be considered as an intermediate.

Deadlift ? times bw
Bench ? times bw
Squat ? times bw

This is really a meaningless designation(especially in bodybuilding). A better gage might be: how many pounds of bodyweight per inch of height at a designated BF%.


Squat - 2.0x BW 4-6 reps
Bench - 1.5x BW 4-6 reps
DLift - 2.0x BW 4-6 reps

Additionally: 3-lbs of BW per inch of height @ 8% or a bit less is where I think most men begin to look like bodybuilders. From 3.5 on up your become a Manimal!!