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Definitely *NOT* T-men

This is fitness?
Only in America!

Escalator + Gym = Oxymoron

That looks eerily familiar. Is that the one in San Diego, out in Point Loma? I used to drive by one that looked just like that on my way to work…

You got to be joking. I can understand handicap accesible but this is retard.

It might be helpful if just got done with a heavy leg work-out though…

derek you are wrong, it should be
escalator + people who use it to get to the gym = moron
:slight_smile: Groove

I’m almost ashamed to share this, but at the gym where I train (notice I didn’t call it “my” gym), they recently started offering VALLET PARKING!

Heaven forbid these lazy fools take a 2 minute walk outdoors before stepping onto a treadmill.

Just the other day some guy was telling me of a gym where he used to work out near a college town that had alcohol bars in the gym. Nothing like a shot of tequila after a hard set of squats.

My God, I thought I had seen the worst. Some of the women I work with take the elevator down one floor to go outside for a walk. But I think this surpasses it…

I could justify escalators if they were to get people out of the gym, particularly after an OVT leg workout, for example.

Other than that… these people should suicide themselves.

It’s not that bad. I know a gym that has TWO elevators for the lazy retards.

Valet parking is standard IF the gym’s located in a big city where it’s hard to find parking (would you rather waste 30 mins looking for a spot or would you rather valet park and spend the 30 mins working out?). When I’m visiting downtown San Fran, I always valet park no matter where I go.

Stella, the two people on the escalator look perfectly healthy to me. You don’t see a problem with this? This is absurd and I don’t think we should make any excuses for people that are too lazy to walk up stairs to the gym, unless they’re handicapped.

I think it would be kinda neat if a gym only had a down escalator. You could sprint up it going in…and then thank the gods it’s there after your squat days.

hey stella, you live near the bay area?


I don’t know why you’d be upset about that. Fat retards like them make us look better in comparison. :wink: BTW – I only saw two dorky looking guys in the pic. So now you have two fewer competition when you’re in the dating pool


I don’t live in the Bay Area. However, I work in the Bay Area for a client (in San Jose). When I don’t feel like flying 5+ hours, I stay in San Fran (my favorite hotel is the Palace on New Montgomery) for a weekend.

Stella, I’m not upset at you, just the whole idea that a fitness club would install an escalator. I guess on the other hand, with an escalator, nobody has any excuses. Too fat to climb the stairs? Take the escalator, fatass.

My first reaction when I saw the picture was to think about the amount of equipment they could have purchased with the money they spent on the escalator.


I know you’re not upset with me. :slight_smile:

BTW – as for the amount of money they could’ve spent to buy more equipments…well…they just want to sell membership. so what better way to do that than to install escalators, so the fat asses will be happy to join! Even if they’re not really MOVING, they’re in the gym! They must be burning one million calories/minute! Woohoo!

Stella- IC… I was gonna invite you to the next SF T-cell meeting. Whenever that is.

We went rockclimbing on sun.

Lots of fun!


I know about the T-Cell meeting. I wanted to go if I was in town, but I was unable to since my project put me in a diff city at that time.

Perhaps next time. :slight_smile:


If this is indeed the club in Point Loma that I used to pass all the time when I lived in San Diego, it’s not as egregious as you may thing – it’s part of one of the ubiquitous outdoor “strip” malls in SoCal, and there are a bunch of other stores on the upper level. I highly doubt the club itself put it in – although then again, I doubt they minded, and the usual deltard suspects (the same ones who would circle in their cars for 10 min. to find a parking spot 10 yards closer to the door) would use it.