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Defining Mobility/Stability

I’m looking for exact clinical definitions of joint stability and mobility. I’m familiar with Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson’s articles and DVD projects and have a grasp of both concepts but throughout their works, I don’t remember ever hearing or reading an exact definition. Any information or references would be greatly appreciated.


Not really sure what you are asking but if you have read their articles and get the genral idea then the definition are pretty much what the term imply: mobilty means to be mobile and stabilty is too be stable.

Now, if you are asking for the definitons of stabilty/mobilty of the various JOINTS then that is different. Mike Boyle, for istance, defined core or torso stabilty as the abilty to create movement of the extremities without unwated movement of the torso. I am sure their are articles all over the web with simlar defintion for the knee, shoulder, hip etc. i think the trems are pretty sself explanatory but how they apply to the joints themselves areworth looking into. hope this was of some help.

Actually, check the link from i searched from THIS SITE. Not not sure if it is clinical but very defining.