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Defined Abs


Today I went to the gym and got my body fat measured by the local trainer. He used a calipher and did 3 spots: Tricep, back, chest. The results came in at around 7%.

However, if this is accurate then from most of the articles I've read I should have a pretty defined 6 pack abs. I do see the outline of the 6 pack but the definition is not as great as I would like.

Any suggestions to improve definition?


If you're at 7% and you can't see abs, it means you're too skinny - gain some muscle mass. If you're pretty big already, then the BF measurement is off.


It is not very accurate. I will often get a difference of 3-4% between caliper testing with 3-site vs. 7 or 9-site. Best guess is you are around 10%.


Yes, calipers don't tell much on how fat you are. My best guess though, is he's not 7% bodyfat, and he's too skinny. So, boy how much do you weigh and I'll just say it so no one else has to say it, EAT.

Chris "Big Boy" Adams


What he said.


I'm 5'6 and around 150 lbs right now.


i've heard getting defined abs without "tricky dance moves" and "high impact gyrations" is damn near impossible.


No man, just takes a lot of F-ing work. Who ever told you that didn't work hard enough. Or has teribble genetics.


Join an aerobics-yoga kickboxing class and just get ripped!


2-Steps to getting a six-pack:

1.) Eat right.
2.) Do compound lifts.

I honestly think that the two best exercises for abs are deadlifts and standing military press, if done correctly. For a while I didn't do any direct ab work and I developed a decent six-pack pretty quickly. If you want to do some extra ab work, decline iso holds (use the decline situp board, hold an appropriate weight on your chest, and crunch up to the most difficult position and hold for 25-30 seconds) and the ab wheel work well for me.


sorry man, guess you guys don't get that commercial up there .


Well, you might need more mass. Try hanging leg/knee raises and upward pikes, and always touch your knees to your chest.
Also, L-sits on floor or when hanging are GREAT. L chin-ups are even better.


Getting a great set of abs isn't that hard.Most people want them but they're too lazy to get them. You have to have a good ,clean diet,workout with compound movements,some morning cardio with a whey shake in water before hand,no late night eating,lots of protein,no sugar,cut calories.

It just takes time.If I can have a 8 pack any of you can.The key is motivation! God that sounds cheap,lol.