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Define 'Health'

Hello, recently we got this assignment for P.E to make a short text regarding the concept of health…

I won’t go in to detail about what is supposed to be written and just ask you the question up front.
What is health to you?

(Ignore below, if you wish)
It can be anything really, I heard a guy in my class saying that “To me, music is health.” So give me something to work with.
Yes you might be quoted.
I’d rather ask gymrats as myself than quoting our school books. Words that my teacher has probably read a couple of hundred times already considering that this assignment is a reoccuring one for all of his new classes.

Anyway, it seems like I’m putting to much information here. I don’t want to distract you.
(Stop ignoring here)

You may be quoted!

Health to me is having no phyisical flaw (like disease or cardiovascular diseases etc) and being able to perform at a decent level of physical activity without crying like a baby.

I believe that the average fat person saying “having more bodyfat than average isn’t unhealthy, it’s natural” or anything to that extent must be shot on sight. Yes, you can quote this.

Not prone to illness=Healthy

We had a couple of lessons about health, man was that a lot of bullshit. To me health is not being sick or likely to get sick. To them it was being pretty much perfect. Perfecltly healthy to them was everything being aboslutely right, not one thing in the world bugging you or capable of harming you. Talk about an unrealistic goal.

the opposite of sickness

There is no such thing as health, just varying degrees of sickness.

I’d say health is your overall ability to perform, not just at physical activity, but at everything in life. And the lack of detriments to that ability.