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Define Empty Stomach


Hey folks. A pre-workout supplement I intend to start taking next week advises you to take it 15 to 30 minutes before working out, and "on an empty stomach".

Now, exactly what do you take "empty stomach" to mean? Most days I get to gym roughly an hour and a quarter after finishing breakfast, meaning that on this schedule, I'd be taking the supp about an hour after eating. Is this "empty" enough, or do they just mean to not take it at the same time or immediately following a meal?

Thanks for any insight you might have. Being relatively new to the forums, I'm not sure about the propriety of mentioning non-Biotest products. But, if it'd be appropriate and pertinent to your input, just lemme know and I'll be happy to mention what I'm taking.

Thanks again!



You're welcome.


Aha. Many thanks.

But then I found this, which deals with pre-workout formulas specifically.

(edit: wait, crap, that link i gave didn't work. lemme go try to figure out what went wrong...)

See that? Guess I just needed a kick to get going...

Thanks again!


Alright, well that last link I gave isn't working for whatever reason, but here's the gist: they advised TWO HOURS as the amount of time that it would take for a stomach to be considered "empty" after a normal meal. However, if that previous meal was a shake, it'd only take 30 minutes or so, as ling as it was mixed with water and not milk.

So that actually works for me. I often just have an MRP for breakfast anyway. Guess I'll just have to make a point to do so specifically on training days.


Ohh...I MUST always chime in on this question. I can tell you EXACTLY what an empty stomach is. It means NOTHING, not even a sip of juice or coffee for at LEAST 12 hours.

Do you know how I know this? I waited 3 months for a surgery and the morning of I was all preped and ready to go and they asked me if I ate anything in the last 12 hours and I said yes and the whole thing was cancelled!!! My stomach was not empty apparently. I waited another 3 months to reschedule...




Are you sure that it was because your "stomach wasn't empty"? Or was it because of something else that food would affect (blood sugar levels, for instance?) The stomach empties fairly rapidly.


A good general rule is 1/2 hour before eating and 2 hours after.