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Define 'Cross Sectional Area'

i hear all the time about the cross sectional area but I have yet to graps a full knowledge of what exactly it is

I’ve always assumed its where certain muscles attach

Can anyone help me out?

If you cut something in half and look at the face of it, it’s that area. Like a 2X4, the cross sectional area is 8 regardless of length.

I’m a math major, so maybe I can help you out. Cross sectional area is a reference foremost to an area. For instance, the floor of a room has an area of 20 square feet, or whatever. The square feet of a house is the area of all of the floor space. Make sense?

Ok, the Cross-setion is the particular kind of area. Imagine you have a loaf of bread. If you wanted the cross sectional area, you would take a slice and then measure the area of the flat end of the slice. The slice of bread would be a cross section.

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its the area of a cross section…

like said a cross section is if you took something cut it in the middle and measured the are of the end

combine sam747’s and fireplug52’s to get BFG#F*CKING1’s $.02:

take that loaf of bread. it is one of those round loaves from the Boudin bakery in San Frisco. slice a little piece of it off and measure the area of the face of the piece of bread. continue and note that the cross sectional area increases as you cut slices towards the middle and then decreases again when you approach the other side. for example, your incredibly massive biceps have the largest cross sectional area at (or very near) the peak.


Should I or should I not introduce the concept of ‘perpendicular’ to this thread?

[quote]vroom wrote:
Should I or should I not introduce the concept of ‘perpendicular’ to this thread?[/quote]

Damn, you beat me to it.