Defilled by obesity

Okay, I am at work today and I see some fat bastard wearing a Gold’s Gym t-shirt, you know the classic one that everyone has. Well, I didn’t know wether to tell him to take it off or leave it on so none of us had to see his rolls. It is a valid argument that he might have been some beast of a powerlifter underneath all of that fat, but he didn’t really look like he had any kind of good health. I also saw an obese man in an electric wheelchair at work, and an obese lady with boils on her head. All of these sightings were within a two hour time period. Sometimes you have to love the fact that the snack food and fast food industry thrive off of the laziness and the lack of will power of people.

Obese people are either pathetic and weak for having no willpower or somehow more evolved than us for having the ability to see beyond physical stuff. if the latter is the case i prefer to be a neanderthal t-man

I think that’s a rather fucked up attitude towards the last two people on your list. It sounds like those two people have serious health issues beyond putting the twinkies down. A person doesn’t develop boils on their head cause they eat pizza. If a man is obese enough to need an electric wheelchair, he needs more help than just being told to put down the ho hos. While the fat guy with the gym shirt could be fustrating cause of the hypocritical nature, maybe he just came from starting a new training program cause he’s tired of being a fat ass. I don’t mind a person ranting on some “typical american physique”, but to make such assholeish statements on people that obviously need more help than just a month’s supply of Grow! bars is disgusting to say the least.

Did anyone read the Bodybuilding Snobbery article on Berardi’s site?

Bronx Bomber you earned my respect for that.

Renegade: I read it, and it was GREAT!

I think a LOT more of the “T-Nation” needs to read J.B.'s essay on “Bodybuilding Snobbery”…it may just help us to be more understanding people…

Is assholish even a word? If is isn’t I vote to make it one.

Alright I was a little harsh, unsympathetic, and not very understanding to the last two. Next time I will use better judgement, sorry guys.

I prefer TC’s article “Snobbery is Good”.

I just wanted to say that, even though he was a little insensitive about the 3rd woman in his list, if the guy in the wheel chair was there simply because he couldn’t bear his own weight, that is just said. Giving up on walking because you’re too obese is just sick.

Of course, if he was there for another reason, that’s perfectly understandble. However, I work with a guy who is in a wheel chair, and has a physical condition where he doesn’t have complete control over a lot of his muscles. However, he pushes the wheel chair with his legs (going backwards) and has arms that most guys here would kill for. All a matter of will, I guess.