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Deficits vs. Snatch Grip


Which is better, Snatch Grip Deadlifts or Deficits? They both increase range of motion, so when it comes to becoming more explosive off the ground, do they both have the same benefits? I ask this just because I prefer the snatch grip DL as opposed to the deficit.


They’re different lifts that require different strengths. If you’re better at one, that should immediately show you that there is a substantial difference between them. Why not do both? I think both are quality lifts for training purposes.

I will also say that when I realize I ‘prefer’ a particular movement over another, there’s a good chance I need to work on the movement I don’t prefer.


That’s a pretty good point, I’ve always been told to ‘‘Get comfortable with uncomfortable’’


I am partial to deficits, as I just can’t seem to get enough power for heavier weights with the snatch grip. Probably a shoulder mobility issue, but at 49 I don’t know how much mobility I can regain. I probably should do more snatch grips though, just to increase the ROM.