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Deficit Training


Okay I have a question regarding deficit training in general. A lot of people love deficit deadlifts as a way to improve the bottom portion of the deadlift. However the ATG squat is lampooned by a lot of powerlifters when essentially the ATG squat is a "deficit parallel squat".

I'm curious about this inconsistency. Why is deficit training on some exercises seen as being so beneficial but not so in some other exercises? Does deficit training have a place in training at all?

Guys like Louie Simmons say to only train the range of motion that you use in a meet. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this.

But other people love to train a larger range of motion because they say it makes them stronger. Thoughts on this?


With squat, the technique changes DRAMATICALLY once you start going much below parralel. With deficits, so long as it is a reasonable deficit, it merely forces you to establish an ever tighter starting position to allow for a strong pull.

It also naturally will strengthen the bottom portion ofthe lift because you will be holding the bar below the bottom, then up trhough the bottom so like mroe TUT in that region. Deficits are mostly a waste of time to conventional pullers but often really help sumo pullers because of the tough technique to get a good starting position to break the floor in a good position to lockout.


Good points except the last part. Deficits can be very helpful to conventional guys. Josh Bryant has many conventional pullers doing them. Orlando Green has pulled high 700s conventional . In his last meet he just missed 890 at 235 or so.
Josh had me doing them also with good results .
I'd say the rest of what you posted is right on.