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Deficit Sumo for Strength Off the Floor

I’ve noticed that too the first few times I tried a deadlift bar having done stiff bar the whole time. @Pinkylifting had a good time at his recent meet like that too

The stiff bar is kind of like a deficit deadlift now that I think about it. It’s close enough and getting gud on a stiff bar will probably make for good gains testing on a deadlift bar.

How do you miss deadlifts when pulling with a deadlift bar? Also do you reckon that you’ve pulled to your max potential by spending most of your time on a stiff bar?

That makes sense. 2 count pause deads if you’re doing high volume would get old imo. Good luck with it. Out of curiosity what is you max at or around on sumo?

Heaviest I recently pulled was 495lb/225kg after maxing on squat and bench but my deadlift is feeling much stronger this block so might be a smidge more right now.

The way I think of it pauses are like a strength assistance movement to build better positions and strength in those positions so are good for strength and peaking blocks where we can bump the intensity. For volume/hypertrophy blocks yeah it’s not as handy

So I’ve seemed to have found a decent formula for strength blocks but not so much volume blocks which is why this thread.

In a couple of months at my first meet I’m looking to be in the 230s maybe 240kg. I’ve pulled 240 before but it doesn’t count because bumpers and straps

I just came out of volume blocks and was doing snatch grip deads, switch stance deads and rdls. The volume is controlled on each and done over 3 workouts so the weight is able to be a little higher on each

That’s why it’s better to train with the same equipment you will use in a meet.

This is how I tend to think about it as well. That first inch or two of flex you get out of the deadlift bar seems to make the pick much easier for me. Training the stiff bar forces you to get strong off the floor, which for me translated well.

I don’t miss, haha. But seriously, I’ve never missed a pull on a deadlift bar (to be fair, I’ve only pulled 6 heavy lifts on a deadlift bar, at two meets, with one red, total). Not sure where I would end up missing it, to be honest.

I do. This is purely my opinion, but I find the deadlift to be the least technical lift, so if I challenge myself on more difficult variations (stiff bar, or even axle), the deadlift bar just feels easy. I don’t feel specificity is as important with deadlift (vs squat/bench). Sure, there is a little whip you get as you’re approaching lockout that could cause you some problems (my one red light), but overall it is way easier to pull on. My deadlift bar PR is over 30lbs over a stiff bar, and felt easier.

You can see my pulls at the end of this video. I think my stiff bar PR is around 645lbs.

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I agree to a point. So many weeks out, depending on what level lifter you are, you should be doing comp lift with exact equipment but variation is actually what many programs are built around. Conjugate training has some flaws and isn’t for everyone but a lot of ppl have been very successful using that style of training. It can incorporate various bars, ROM, loading schemes etc.

If your deadlifting 2-3x weekly you should be doing targeted variations for at least 1 of those sessions.

Whenever Ive missed or almost missed a lift with a deadlift bar it’s never been because of weight, its entirely a balance thing because the strength arc is different and I’ve ‘rushed’ the lift. Patience is the King of sumo.

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Late here but I’ll their some info on. I agree with some of the other comments, very small deficit an inch max otherwise it’ll mess with form to much to help you. For off the floor I like either pulling with a stiff bar or paused deadlift (deadlift bar) just barely breaking the ground at the pause and heavy. Pauses are probably my preferred way, really helps me pay attention to locking everything in place as a gently break 300+kgs BARELY off the floor.

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So as far as a volume block goes and given I’m looking to take a break from pause deadlifts a bit your recommendations would be between stiffs and deficits then?

What rep ranges do you program and % for paused off the floor?

Sorry haven’t been in in a few days. Yea as long as your lower back can take it. My lower back doesn’t like the deficits much.

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I don’t go off percentages usually because i have such an advantage in deadlift that I can hit high percentages for reps fairly easily . I go by feel. I just pulled 771 today for a single and did a 2x2 paused on the drop with 670 that moved great.

I’ve found this too. I can rep out weights pretty well so sticking to program by the letter on a purely percentage based program might not be bestest

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Wish I could say I have deadlift advantage. But sadly I have T. rex arms and fairly long torso In relation to my legs. I’m currently trying to switch to hook grip to give a little better leverage advantage. Even 1/4 inch less rom would help.

670 high paused x2 is no joke awesome man. Thanks for advice on this

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That’s means you have the advantage in bench. Gotta figure out what your built best for and make it world class.