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Deficit Deads


In an attempt to freshen up my deadlifting I tried pulling from a deficit today. I did so by standing on 45 lbs. plates. Had to go lighter than normal and was using a 7 x 4 routine but had a good session. I can feel it now in my lower quads more than usual.

Any comments/suggestions/warnings on using deficits?


By doing this you will actually be better off the floor when you start pulling normal again. I use them alot, i also do wide grip, or snatch grip they call it, increases your ROM. And i also do both together. And basically i use the rep range you are using for my working sets, but I'm into PL. The snatch grip will give your upper back a serious workout, try it.




I had to buy 35lb plates when I got my olympic set last year becuase they were out of 45 pounders. This is also another way to do "Deficit Deads". It may be safer than standing on something!


There's a short piece of plywood in my gym, that just fits between the plates on an oly bar. I like to set it crossways on the platform and do deads, It's only about 9/16 of an inch or so, but I can tell how much quicker I run out of gas with that little deficit. Doesn't take much...

By the way, the plywood trick also works for the squat rack and for pin presses if your holes are spaced to far apart.


In the same boat. Only have 35s (been meaning to get 45s!! AHHH!). Anyways, I've never DLed from 45s or anything taller than 35s, so I have no idea how deficit pulling has affected my over all lift in a "true" (for lack of a better term) deadlift.

I think the deficit deads may work your hammies better than conventional DLs though, seeing as how you must get deeper in your stance, so I would assume more
"posterior chain" comes into play (that's based on pure logic, and nothing more though..:smiley: So don't take my word for it!).


That Plywood trick sounds good, especially for the pin presses and pin pulls, have to try it


This is a good idea.

I am going to start doing some TBDL's on a 3" block.


They can be good if you dont go too deep, too deep = excessive rounding of the lower back.

One way we do them in our PL club is to take a solid rubber mat ~ 1in thick and do a set working up to a good set of 5, not a max but hard work -maybe a couple of reps left in the tank.
Next session (next week for our guys) add another mat and pull the same weight for the same reps. Keep adding until you get to about 4 mats. Next session REMOVE a mat but ADD weight say 5kg keep doing this until you get back to lifting from the floor. Hopefully you are now in PR teritory and you can go down to 3s or single for a few weeks.