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Deficit Deadlifts


Hey guys I was wondering how high of a platform you use when you do deficit deadlifts. I personally just stand on a 45 pound plate (2 inches maybe?) and was thinking about standing on two plates instead of one. I was wondering if there tends to be a point of diminishing returns where the carryover is no longer that great.

Anyone have personal experience with this?


I would keep it at 1" - 4". I have a platform and jsut do them from that , it's 3 3/4" fwiw. After four " I think it just puts you into a poor pulling position and the benefits decline. Some taller longer armed guys might be able to use up to 5". Just my opinion btw.


I have a platform made of four pieces of 3/4" plywood, so 3". I do stiff-leg DL's from this and it has helped my deadlift AND my squat.


I stand on 45lb and 25lb bumper plates. It's about a 3" deficit.


Ever tried simply using the 35's on the bar? You'll have to use more of them and the math is different but it eliminates standing on shit. Unconventional maybe, but an option.


If we are offering options, then Snatch-grip deadlifts work pretty well too.


Yes I love snatch grip deadlifts. Out of all the deadlift variations this one hits my glutes and hamstrings the hardest. I try to do these once every 4-6 weeks and add 20 pounds each time.


I don't know why more people don't do this. I usually use quarters. If you pull sumo and want to do deficits it's makes more sense than trying to set up something to stand on.


I have two thirty fives and six 25s . A platform is easier than wasting Monroe unnecessary plates for me. I have 4 one hundred pound plates and 16-20 forty five pound plates.


For some of us the bar is not long enough to load up enough 25's on it. Also why not stand on something? It takes two seconds to put a 45 pounds plate on the ground or a small platform.


I've done deficit deads many, many times and feel i absolutely got NOTHING out of them. If anything i feel like my 1 RM actually goes down when i emphasize them. The only thing that makes my dead go up are heavy elevated pulls from my sticking point, and supramaximal work with bands and chains.

anyone ever have the same experience with deficit pulls??


x2... this is when things get interesting lol. We're gunna have some people saying deficit pulls are the greatest thing sliced bread and than people like you who say they do nothing.

I'm curious what stormthebeach has to say about this.


If you read carefully, I stated I pull sumo with my feet near the plates so standing on a single plate really doesn't help much with that does it?

I will concede that most won't have enough room on the bar to load that many 25's. Being a light weight class female means I don't have load 405 on the bar. Just about any platform I've set up for sumo makes my feet feel unstable and likely to slip leading to unnecessary adductor problems.

My slow point is off the floor so I find them useful. If that isn't your problem, they may be a waste of time.



They have helped my 1RM go up. I love em.


Not trying to be a dick but you could just stand on two separate plates side by side lol... strange that a platform makes you feel unstable I feel fine standing on something.


my sticking point is off the floor, ive never done these but with my comp coming up in a few weeks, they will get lots of attention until then.


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30 reps at 90% of max. wut


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When you pull sumo, one of the keys is sitting back and pushing your feet apart. It you do that on two plates or a surface that has any slip to it at all, your feet will slide. It's not about standing on a platform. It's about standing on a surface on which your feet 'will not move or slide'.

Try standing with your feet at the plates and tell me how hard you'd pull up/push out with your feet if you though one of your feet was going to slide out. Like I said, it's a situation in which you could compromise an adductor. The thought makes me cringe.

fwiw, I have a nice wooden platform for conventional deficits when I feel the desire to do them.