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Deficit-- $1.3 Trillion



A highlight; "This included a 1 percent increase in defense spending and 1 percent increase in Medicaid spending.

Medicare and Social Security spending rose by 4 percent, a foretaste of the ballooning in entitlement expenses expected to occur as baby boomers retire."

And, to illustrate how disconnected from reality D.C. has become...


Seriously, we're doomed.


Fo sho, with these idiots in charge it is bound to happen. This 2 party shit system is insane. Fuck all of them. Both parties only want to cut the others shit. Keep up the good work running America right into the ground.


The government here in the UK has been trying to cut the deficit, with the result that UK bonds are somehow seen as a safe haven. The only problem is that the government are constantly compared to the nazis/evil industrialists/Satan when they point out we've been living outside our means....


There were actually people who told us during the debate to enact social security way back when that this was exactly where we'd end up. Anytime you put a group of politicians in a position to provide for people using somebody else's money the shovel has broken ground on that country's grave. A country capable of providing a legitimate public safety net that works long term would also be capable of doing it privately without all the public dangers. If you have to tax someone at the point of a jail cell to help their fellow man they are not very charitably minded. Liberal politicians like to say that Americans don't really mind helping each other. If that were true then you should be able to slash their taxes by whatever the cost is of all this social spending and let them do it.That doesn't give them the legalized mechanism for buying elections with welfare payouts though.

I'm sure another trillion or two in deficit spending will clear this right up though anyway.


"help their fellow man"? are you shitting me? we pay into the social security system. that's MY money.


I was referring by that section of the post to the general idea of publicly enforced charity.


No its not.

It is their money and you are told how much of an allowance you get to keep.


This is correct. "Dollars" are created by the FED in order for everyone to pay their taxes and fees. Then the Federal government gets to decide how much you get to keep in nominal terms and the FED decides how much you get to keep in real terms.


This is more or less exactly what I think. Someone has to stand up and be blunt: we all have to take a hit. IMO this should have been said countless times since 9-11 by all sides.