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Defensive Lineman


I play for the Glens Falls Greenjackets and I was wondering if anyone had any good in-season cardio ideas. Yes we do agility,speed, and reaction drills but I am talking about off days when we do not have practice. Also, any lifting ideas would be greatly appreciated. Strictly in-season though please.


Check out defrancostraining.com. He has some good plans for in-season training programs.


dude when 2-a-days comes and we get into the swing of things n MI, you dont really have much energy to do much else. I will try when the season is kicked off to get in the gym 1 or 2 days a week, and do some moderate to 75% effort work, just to keep existing strength. Right now you should be going really heavy and doing some condititoning and agility work.


This may sound contrary to what experts recommend but playing pick up games of basketball or requetball on off days can really boost your conditioning, work on quickness, and be fun. I'm not saying to play for hours but a half hour 2 to 3 days a week is a great way to become a better athlete while being an athlete.

These activities will help you loosen up and get some oxygen into your blood on your of days.


I have to pretty much agree with this. I am also a D-Lineman, and we pretty much get all our conditioning done during practice. Luckily, our season starts one week before school, so I can get lifting in during school hours. During practice though, the best way to get in some extra conditioning is to run everywhere you need to go. Our coach makes us always get to places as fast as possible and run after practice for jumping offsides.


Pretty much agreed. You should be training for preseason so you're prepared for it, rather than being eaten up by it. I would let the lifting get up to 85% triples and doubles and even a little bit of 90% for singles


I'd second ebomb's post. Do you semi-pro guys do 2-a days? like on weekends?