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That is all.

We must protect this house.

how about those cowboys

danh, come on man, it’s “how bout them cowboys?”

You could also write: having no offense loses championships. Poor, poor Eagles… I can only hope that there will be some LAWful revenge in Houston.

actually its “how bout dem cowboys”

oh and btw, i hate when people make rediculous over-generalizations such as “defense wins championships.”

i think anyone with even remote knowledge of sports knows that it takes an entire team to win. yes these teams have good defenses, but last i checked their offense and special teams isnt to bad either.

the only team that i can think of that has one with a great defense and a shitty offense was the ravens. every other championship team has been able to put numbers on the board.

Philly, does have a great defense. But, without Macnabb they are crap also. Defense does get you to the big dance but, you need both to win. I think Patriorts are going to do it again. They, do look like a complete T.E.A.M. so does Carolina. Should be a good one.

Offense might have a little to do with winning. Ahhh…but what the fuck do I know.

Anyway, this is shaping up to be one of the best match ups in Superbowl history. Two teams with great defense and a fairly conservative offense, could come down to the wire (or kicker). If that’s the case, the smart money is on Vinatieri.

I agree the two complete and better teams won yesterday. Manning and McNabb both might be great QB but they can’t do it alone. Indy has no defense and McNabb has not weapons on offense. It’s incredible they have been to the championship 3 years in a row with not much offense talent around.

It takes a complete team to win a game and it all depends on which team shows up on game day. The Colts hinged too much on Manning and when he tanked, they couldn’t pick up the slack. The Patriots have been able to continue to win games, whether it is with their first or second string, through Brady’s good and bad days and when the defense failed to produce. They won because their coach is a wizard and the players keep their egos in check and execute the plays. They don’t take it for granted that they will win but they have confidence that they can win.

That being said, anything can happen on that Sunday. The Panthers are formidable when they play well.

ok ok…

how bout dem cowboys

This is my saddest day in 35 yrs. as an Eagles fan. We always seem to find a way to lose and that doesn’t win championships!

Id rather have a great defense and a mediocre offense, than have a great offense and a mediocre defense.

By the way, defense DOES win championships.

Actually, a great defense and a great run game wins championships! I don’t know how Antowain Smith ran for 100 yards yesterday with 22 carries. He sucked ass all season.

Does defense win championships if you don?t score any points?

That?s got to be the most asinine of all lame sports clich?s.


I agree that you need more than just defense to win, however, the saying is true.

  1. having a great defense keeps the other team out of the endzone. Its better to only need 10 points to win rather than 35.

  2. A coach knowing that his Defense can stop the other team’s O means he can take more chances, such as going for it on 4th down, or faking a punt or field goal. If they convert, its another fresh set of downs equalling more time off the clock, better field position, and another opportunity to score.

  3. Having a great D will keep your team at a field position advantage. Even if you don’t score all the time and have to punt, knowing that your D can create several 3 and outs will allow you run the ball more (which once again takes time off the clock) and wear down the other defense. Eventually if you drive, punt and create 3 and outs enough, you will be in position to score. Also, running alot can open up the play action, leading to big plays (that often decide close games).

  4. A coordinator with a good plan, and a defense that can execute will force mistakes, and turnovers that give the offense yet another opporunity to score.

Its great to have an efficient offense that can run and pass, but if you have to put up 30 or so points a game, chances are you won’t win them all. Now take the same offense and put them with a good scoring defense. If you only have to put up 10-20 points a game, your chances of winning become much greater.

You are one of the reasons why “offense sells tickets”. Kiddin.

But seriously, having an efficient offense and mistake-free special teams are of course intregral if you want to win, but dude, you NEED a great defense in order to give your offense a chance.

Look at LSU, decent offense, GREAT defense.

Yea How bout them cowboys…

Well i cant say bad chit about the cowboys cause there the only other team to have 5 rings