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Defective Fat Metabolism

I’ve mentioned this before, about by lack of success on a CKD and Atkins diets. I’ve heard about a defective gene that effects fat metabolism, and wanted to know if anyone has any information on this. I have attempted these diets (higher and moderate fat) versions, with little to no carbs and sweeteners, with little success. Often higher fat foods make me bloated, and would like any research or information on a defective fat metabolism. By default i’m stuck w/ protein b/c neither fat nor carbs work for me on a fat loss phase, although lean protein alone with a little EFA’s works great, things get monotonous fast as chicken, turkey, very lean meat alone gets to be tiresome.

Adkins,diet is not for bodybuilders. Try a beverly type diet, high protein, low carb, but not under 50. Try boxing intervals, and sprints for cardio.

Are you trying an Atkins diet for fat loss or body building? What do you consider to be “success”? As Scott said, Atkins isn’t for body building. I think the good doctor would agree.

I tried Atkins for quite a while with the goal of fat loss. Never lost any fat, but I stayed with it for one reason: I felt better. I had much better control over my insulin response, I had more energy and I didn't almost fall asleep every afternoon at work.

Before you get into defective genes, you need to consider if your hormones (T and E, as well as cortisol) are at their proper levels. I personally discovered that my hormones were f***ed up royally, and that has probably been sabotaging my efforts to lose fat. I'd worry about that before worrying about defective genes. Just my two cents.

well… Fat fast is a keto diet… just a little more extreme than atkins…