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DefeatDefeat's log

I’m a 22 y/o, 5’9", 143lb male trying to gain muscle. I’ve only recently pulled above 140lbs ever since I realized I wanted to gain a lot of muscle before cutting instead of trying to be cut at 135lbs. My ultimate goal is to weigh 180lbs and be below 8% bodyfat. My current bodyfat is rougly 10% and has been for about a year, though I’m sure I’ve gained 1 or 2% since starting to try to gain. Right now I’m not very concerned about bf% as long as I stay proportionally low, since my main goal is to gain muscle.

Current supplements include fish oil tabs(180mg EPA, 120mg DHA/pill), two twice daily, and 50mg Zinc. I’m finishing up a year in a small town in China, so I don’t have many good supplements available to me. I can’t even get a legit protein shake here, and I don’t have the money to have some shipped. Also, all the labels are written in Chinese, so I’m not always sure of the nutritional values or the amounts in some things, though I usually don’t eat packaged things anyway.

My usual diet is:

Breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs w/Olive oil

Lunch: 2 cups white rice w/leeks & pork

Pre-workout: Small veggies & sometimes jerky

Post-Workout: 1 large chicken breast, varying vegetables (generally broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, or green beans), and 1 shake (2 cups oatmeal, nonfat plain yogurt, some milk, 1 banana)

Dinner: 4 eggs, scrambled or fried, assorted nuts (almonds, pecans, or walnuts)

That’s generally it. Looks a lot worse after writing it all out. Guess that’s good though, means posting this is already helping. Sometimes I’ll have 2 chicken breasts a day. I have no oven, only a stove and a microwave which I don’t use, so I usually just steam all my food. My resources are pretty limited, so right now I’m doing what I can. One point of inspiration is that when I decided to start eating more and gain muscle, I did start gaining weight, but I know (especially now after writing this) that I’ve still got a lot of work to do, so comments or questions are much appreciated. I’ve been keeping a food log since March 10, and I’ll just be posting here instead, probably along with each workout.