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Defatted Peanut Butter?


If you remove the fat from peanut butter, are you throwing out some nutrition?

Has anyone tried this product?

Better 'n Peanut Butter®: The Perfect low-cal spread for your heart
Esther | Feb 24 2006

Wonder Natural Foods Corp. based in Watermill, NY, is presenting you the ultimate peanut butter for spreads, sandwiches, smoothies, burgers and on fresh fruits. If you have not taste Better �??n Peanut Butter® then you have not missed out anything. Yes readers you have not missed on calories, fats, cholesterol, preservatives and sugar. Better �??n Peanut Butter® is all natural, which delivers 85 percent less fats and 40 percent less calories when compared to regular butter. Better �??n Peanut Butter® is loaded with calcium carbonate, lecithin, vitamins E & C, antioxidants and only 95 mg of sodium.

It contains all natural flavors and is colored with annatto and paprika and is sweetened by tapioca syrup, pure water, and dehydrated cane juice and rice syrup. Better �??n Peanut Butter® comes in three flavors of regular creamy, low sodium and chocolate and is available in 16oz jars in over 5000 natural food stores in the USA.

I must say it is really challenging to present the same taste from de-fatted peanut flour and natural peanut butter and the reports say that Better �??n Peanut Butter® that 83 percent of the 1,700 American households consume Better �??n Peanut Butter®. Undoubtedly this is the best peanut butter for dieters and those who suffer from cardiovascul


83% of households? I doubt it. I've never even heard of it. I think this is just a big dietary gimmick like any other "low carb" or "low fat" alternative to the real thing being sold to a misinformed public.

I don't think "regular" PB like Peter Pan or Jif is that graet either. It's bad for you. loaded with added sugar and vegetable oils. Natural PB is the best all around.

I don't ever agree with using "other ingredients" to simulate the taste of a natural food. Low fat ice cream, yes. Low fat PB, now way. Peanuts are what they are. No one is going to grow a low fat peanut. Eat the real thing (natural PB not name brands).



Natural peanut butter or die. Dont blaspheme by taking those wonderful fats out


That 'sentence' makes no sense at all. What exactly were you trying to say?


so they took out the good for you fats and added sugar.... wow they made it bad for you in two different ways!


Sorry, no, I did not say that. I only said the introductory comment. Someone must have commented on the website I took the article from.

I like peanuts/natural pb, too, but I wondered what you guys would say about it. I'm trying to cut back somewhere. I didn't see that they added sugar. I want more peanut nutrition with less fat. I don't know where to cut back.


The fat IS the nutrition! cut back a slice of cheese.


Foods that are artificially altered from their natural state frighten me, including decaffeinated coffee and tea. The food industry has a cosmically abysmal record when re-engineering food that is already healthy if they would just leave the shit alone. Supplements are not the same thing before anybody throws that at me.


          Well done Trib. Very well put.



What kind of natural peanut butter would you guys recommend? The last natural peanut butter I tried tasted pretty terrible. I've been buying the regular, hydrogenated soybean oil and sugar-filled kind for way to long, and I need some sort of recommendation before I attempt the leap back into the healthy stuff.


My cousins (one vegetarian, one vegan...bless their souls, lol) eat Smucker's natural. I tried some and I didn't like it at first, but I believe there's a bit of taste-acquisition that needs to happen.


Smuckers isnt bad. I prefer "Simply Natural". Just look around and hope for the best i guess.


I would also go with the Smuckers,tried others,they sat in the frig a long time, when I got Smuckers my kids would eat it up pretty fast. Kid tested I guess.


I eat PB everyday and have been experimenting for awhile to find the best stuff. I like the taste of Skippy Natural and it has fewer calories than the Smuckers. I tried this PB called Naturally More at a friend's in Ohio once, but have been struggling to find it around here. http://www.peanutsnack.com/
It has fewer calories and fewer carbs, and has added flaxseed, but I think it still retains the good fats. Try to find that if you can! Rule of thumb: Just be sure the ingredients are only "peanuts, salt" and the PB is natural. :slightly_smiling:


How so? Removing whey during the cheese-making process isn't that different from extracting caffeine from coffee. I really don't look at it as 'alternating a natural state' but more as a step of the preparation, which is sometimes necessary (depending on the product). I sure as hell don't want to drink non-homogenized, unpasteurized milk for example


That's funny, because I would like nothing more than to drink unpasteurized milk, but I fucking can't in NC. Because the state DA is saving me from myself by forcing me to buy conventional milk. Assholes.

And to the OP. Why are you concerned about the fat? If you are trying to cut back on on calories, get rid of them by cutting back on the sugar starchy stuff, but please for the love of god keep the fats. You need them.


You don't know what your talking about........


The fat in peanut butter is good for you. Also you're getting a good bit of L-Arginine by eating peanut butter. I am eating Whole Food's Natural Peanut Butter as I write this post.
No sugar added and it tastes yummy. 2 tbsp has 16 grams of fat, of which 1.5 grams of saturated fat. 6 grams of carb.


Naturally More is absolutely amazing, I have 2 containers in the fridge and its my absolute favorite.


Yeah I love naturally more a+ in the flavor dept (try their almond butter too), and maybe im just being an anal ass, but they do add sugar.