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Deer Pics/Stories


Any good deer pics from this season. What size deer have you shot?


Missed one last weekend, nice buck. Got a doe opening weekend.

I don't hunt for horns, can't figure out a way to cook them.


You make soup out of them.


Never seen a deer with horns before only antler's



Horns - (n) - term used referring to antlers (proper term) on the head of a deer, elk, or pronghorn. See also rack. Not to be confused with term -rack-refering to breasts.

example - She sure liked the horns on that eight point I got so much that she showed me her rack.

in all seriousness, I have almsot never heard anyone in Texas use the term antlers.


I killed one with my bare hands a few weeks ago, you might have seen it in the news.


That was you?

Could have swore it was Bill Brasky.