Deer Meat.

Wondering if anyone knows the macronutrient profile of deer meat, or an estimate?

very lean! that’s my estimate :smiley:

Don’t know but its leaner than most beef.

You should also try ostrich; pretty tasty and also lean… OSTRIM gave me some samples a while back and it was great, although here in TORONTO it did not sell well…
Apparently bison also is very good…
Deer (venison) should be good; use a search engine like Google to find this out…

Venison averages 7% or less fat. It’s good stuff. I’m sure the omega 3 to 6 profile is good as well.

Ostrich never got off the ground (pun intended) because it’s too frickin expensive. We had a few ostrich farms in the area but they all gave it up. One place had about 20 birds and one of them killed the guy that owned the farm by kicking him in the head. The next day a sign went up “Ostrich Meat 1/2 mile” with an arrow pointing the way.

if im not mistaken it has 6gs of fat and about 20gs of protein per 4oz serving.the hamburger varies because the processer adds fat per customer least thats how we do it in the south.