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Deer Antler Velvet


What are your thoughts/experiences with Deer Antler?


My dogs love them. They chew on them for days. Good for the teeth.

What does this have to do with supplements?


The year was 1998. The LSD was coming on strong right when the cops showed up. My only chance at freedom was to flee the bright flashing lights and let the darkness of the woods embrace my body, my mind and my divine cosmic being.

I was without light, except the light that shines inside all of us. This light, bright as it is, is not visible to police officers, and for that I was most fortunate. They couldn’t make out the kaleidoscope of colorful patterns dancing around me in the darkness of those woods. Nor did they realize that I had found a great source of physical, mental, and divine cosmic strength right then, right there. I first felt it as I lay on the forest floor in that terrifying moment, my hands came across a strange material that was neither leaf nor stem nor bark.

The deer antler velvet chose me that night. Its almost like I wasn’t on my hands and knees crawling away from the police, but I was on my hands and knees crawling towards the deer antler velvet. The spirit of the stag was beckoning, visible now that I had opened my third eye and also smoked an enormous joint. It was some really good weed too.

The acid, well, that stuff wears off. The deer antler velvet, that stuff stays with you for life.

That’s my experience with it brother. Get your hands on some, any way you can.

Deer Antler Velvet

Well from what I understand, deer antlers are actual bone. Not to be mistaken with keratin, which is what rhino horns, human hair, & human fingernails are composed of.

Honestly I’ve never hunted deer so I don’t have much experience with them, other than the occasional mount on a buddy’s wall.


It has been shown to be a safe alternative to HGH. It increases IGF-1 without any of the HGH risks. My experience (9 months now) has been fantastic. Leaner, more energy, significantly better recovery and measurable strength gains for a 55 year old.



You obviously haven’t had bloodwork done. If you had, you would know this is placebo.


There are three documented studies done on deer antler velvet, and in every single study, it failed to alter hormone levels in men.


There is one that Marc Bartley recommends over at elitefts, expensive but meant to be legit. Google his responses or him in the q and a there


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