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Deer Antler Velvet


Any info on this? My friend just asked me about it.


ive been waiting for this thread to pop up since the nfl made a big deal about this stuff


there are 2 threads in the steroids forum. its snake oil. IGF1 is not orally bioavailable. It needs to be injected. Its placebo effect for $60


Im excited!!


Does that mean the NFL players lied about the oral spray bc injecting it would probably be frowned upon?

I kind of want to try this but I don't wanna waste 60 bucks or have to inject anything..

Has this been evaluated by the Australian equivalent of the FDA or is it like the supplement market in the US?

Im definitley doing my own research on this but if anyone has answers or info I am sure there will be many more of us looking to get to the bottom of this...