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Deer Antler = IGF-1 in the NFL.


I read a article that the NFL wants or has banned Deer antler extract due to its growth hormone properties. Is there any truth to this?



I would assume there is truth to the story that the NFL has this concern.

As to whether there's any truth of deer antlers delivering to the bloodstream any remotely significant amount of IGF-1 when applied by spray, I would really think not. Proteins are just not at all readily delivered transdermally. That's why we don't spray on insulin or GH.

EDIT: Apparently it is an oral spray.

Still, I don't think it's credible and I don't think it's demonstrated that IGF-1 has significant oral bioavailability.

If there's any effect at all, it's slight and not remotely comparable to doping.

Maybe the NFL should ban steak. Meats have IGF-1 in them too. And testosterone.


Although topical or oral sprays aren't effective, delivery through inhalation is effective for peptides. If someone could invent an inhaled deer antler forumla, it could deliver IGF-1 directly to the bloodstream.


Agreed; I would think so. Not a trivial task but a technology working for insulin very well might for IGF-1 as well. The molecule is somewhat larger, but that may not be an actual problem.


I went to the SWAT site. it says they use some peptide mechanism and the spray to make a very small molecule size that will absorb up to 97% through the oral mucosa. It goes on to say a bunch of other complementary stuff about the product, then in the disclaimer at the bottom is says it is for personal comfort or something, and that professional opinions may not agree with the promoted statements about the products. Or something to that effect. Basically they say give us $70 bucks for our buck spray and hope for the best. I would say poor Ray lewis is going to get into a lot of trouble for a bunch of hype. On the other hand maybe this is a Mark McGuire type of cover up. Show fans an obviously hoaxy product all the while using the real injectable stuff in private.
I wish it did work though, $70 per month for HGh is pretty cheap.


I am really curious to here if anyone has more scientific facts on this deer antler spray. To me it says it's to good to be true.


I thought it was not deer antler at all, just the velvet. Those of you who dont know what deer velvet is, its a protective covering over a deers antler during the growth period of that antler. It allows the blood and minerals to flow, kinda like bark on a tree. Antlers are actually a cool phenomonon sometimes growing 1-2" per day. Growth like that in a mammal is impressive out of a animal that size.