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Has anyone out there tried Deeptan pills for putting on a tan? It is supposed to increase the amount of melanin you produce in your skin and is supposed to be all natural. Of course they don’t list the ingredients so that no one can research these “all natural” ingredients. Could someone tell me if they have used it and how it worked for them? If someone has a bottle I would appreciate it if you could post the ingredients. Thanks.

Trying to become a “SOUL MAN”? Sorry… I had too. Anyways, I heard that they ‘work’, yet get expensive because you have to take roughly 6 a day with each bottle being pretty pricey. For what you’d spend in a year on them, your better off moving to Arizona, California, or Miami. Plus, the in each location chicks are much ‘pertier’. In other words, if you’ve got cash to spend, try em’ if you don’t, don’t waste your time. OR you could do what Gene Wilder did in one of his movies with Richard Pryor and simply use shoe polish…