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Hey, you know, I know to avoid deepfrying… But I never actually pondered why to avoid them… I fallow the big Beridi’s suggestions, and generally, when cutting which I am now, I have a diet of 10% or less of saturated fats (from my total fats)… I make sure to have about 10% just for the testosterone production… but anywase moving on… what exactly does deep frying do to your system, does it do anything other then colestoral and health wise, or does it actually HURT your diet… Does deepfrying make the meat have more saturated fat??..

Once and awhile I love to have a few wings, now, if i havn’t had any saturated fat in the day, I usaully will down some wings… not to many just enough to get my 10%…

trans fats are bad for u, worse then saturated fat.

rancid carcinogenic fats

Exactly what Eddie said. Saturated fat is the least of your problems, if a problem at all. Trans fatty acids are the ones who might fuck you up. Deep frying is a very eficient way of introducing them in your diet.

Deep frying uses extremely high temperatures. This leaves you with trans fat and carcinogens that don’t normally occure in nature. Trans fat should be treated as a separate chemical, not as a saturated fat. The body really says WTF when it sees trans fat.

If one were to fry in saturated fats such as bacon grease, lard, chicken fat, etc. would there still be transfatty acids present?

You are correct - if you do plan to deep fry, it is best to choose a completely saturated fat as this will hold up much better under the heat. Still not a good option, but better than using most vegetable oils.