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Deep Web Gear Idea?

It is overly complicated for some, most dont have too much trouble with it. Smart people tend to realise the anonymity that comes with proper deep web use trumps the ease of buying off the clear net.

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You don’t need the deep web. Just get some bitcoin and buy from one of the sites on the regular web.

You realise using tor has it’s own anonymity in itself? Bitcoin isnt the only aspect of the process that keeps you anonymous. Your IP address is YOU, you use it to access clearnet drug sites then your going to get fucked sooner and later. If your living in a county/state that look at steriods the same way they do coke and heroin, then your super dooper fucked.
I guess I value my freedom and anonymity more then others.

Is the difference between the balls deep web and the clear net, the use of TOR? So I could go to a balls deep site without TOR if I chose to?

Yes but even the best of the best have trouble accessing the balls deep web my man. Some crazy shit goes on in the abyss.

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