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Deep Web Gear Idea?

Alright, I’m trying to buy some gear off the deep web. I know we can’t talk about specific vendors on here so I won’t. Anyways, I found two specific vendors but they both have near perfect reviews and that makes me suspicious. I don’t want to buy injectables from either one just to find out they’re bad since I might end up with an infection or something so here’s my idea. I was thinking of buying some Dbol off one of them and taking 30 mg per day for 2 weeks without Test E. This way, I’ll be able to figure out if they’re selling legit gear by seeing if the Dbol has any effects on me without shutting down too hard. Thinking of doing a 2 week PCT (Nolva 40/20) afterwards just in case as well. If the Dbol is legit, I feel like I’ll trust the vendor enough to buy some Test E and run a proper cycle. Thoughts?

Your good to go bro I promise.

Those guys have nothing to gain from selling bunk gear. They make thier living off thier reputation. The deep web isn’t like the clear web where you can make a site rip people off and dissappear and do it all over again. Those guys have been vendors for years that’s what pays bills.

Yeah but all of their reviews seem bogus. I’m talking they all have either 4.9/5 stars or no reviews at all

((( The Deep Web ))) so that’s a real thing?
Does google get you into the deep web? or do you need a secret hand shake?

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If your on the site I think your on then that’s completely normal for good vendors. They request customers to put 5 star ratings if they are happy with the product, if they aren’t happy the vendor asks customers to contact them first before rating.
The vendor I buy off has that rating aswell. Leave the dbol idea alone and just buy the test. You’ve got more of a chance of getting an infection with shotty injection technique then dirty gear.

@hrdlvn if you were being serious, yes its a real thing. No you cant use google to get to it. It’s very useful.

No, but you do need a special browser…

You need a special hand shake sworn in spit.


The thing that appeals to me the most is you don’t release your money til your package gets to your house. That and the fact every buyer has to leave a review it’s apart of the process from releasing your money to vendor from escrow account. It’s not unheard of for vendors to have hear perfect ratings. It’s pretty simple don’t fuck people over and only send goods quality gear. There are legit businesses out there still

LOLwhy would you open up TOR and go to the deep web when you can find perfectly reputable providers online in forums out in the open with way more users and thus a bigger pressure to provide good service. Theres one thats a weird colored animal that is pretty good.

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Because believe it or not its safer on the deep web and these are huge marketplaces selling more then just steds. Why would I want go looking through forums for a vendor when I can access a marketplace with review processes and escrow. As @zeek1414 said above, you only release funds when you receive your product. It’s anonymous if you know what your doing.

But I guess most gym bros aren’t clued on enough to work out how to access these market places and use crypto. They would rather send money to a stranger on a forum and risk nothing turning up and/or prosecution.
You keep doing what you do… bro.

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I think said colored animal was at the center of a serious investigation not long ago and because they were keeping people payment information/adresses on file a lot of people were potentially compromised.

I can avoid all that by paying in cash for bitcoin and letting it sit in escrow til I receive my gear under a fake name and my adresses is encrypted in a pgp key so it can’t be picked up thru IT traffic. Yes i know i might be a little paranoid but I have a wife and a kid on the way the last thing I need is a detective holding my bag of gear knocking on my door dressed as the post man. It doesn’t happen often but it still happens. Especially these over seas orders where they pass thru customs. And a lot of clear web sources that are “domestic” aren’t really domestic they are just domestic hubs for international gear where you information still gets held up

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Yeah but the ratings seem too good to be true. Even the best products on amazon only get like 4.5 stars out of 5. Also, some reviews are full on duplicated like three or four times.

I’ve just explained to you why this is so. You can’t compare amazon to a deep web market place, they do have similarities but are run differently. If you know what your doing the chances of being screwed (whether that’s bad gear or nothing arriving) are pretty slim. These vendors build their businesses around their reputations. Generally a 5 star rating is put forth for the product arriving and appearing to be of okay quality, if it’s shit customers will go back and change their ratings and if this happens early on in a vendors courier in the market they don’t last very long. This is illegal goods we’re talking about, not the qualty of a toaster.
I know my shit, I’ve been buying off the deep web for a long time.

It appears the reason your pushing back on this is because your set on your silly DBol only cycle, which has been the theme of this thread from the very beginning. By all means do that and go against all that’s been advised, it’s your body if you want to wreck it then go ahead. Hopefully other new users will gleam something from my above info regarding market places so it isn’t a complete waste of my time.


Alrigt, I’ll take your advice and just go straight for the testosterone. I appreciate it.

Just do plenty of research on proposed vendors and make sure you use the highest rated marketplace and you’ll be fine mate.

I apologise for coming off a bit harsh, it’s just been a bit of a trend lately (probably always) that people come asking for advice and completely disregard because it’s not what they want to hear. You haven’t done that now, thankyou.

…until his domestic got busted by several three letter agencies.

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Go look at some of the cocaine market places or pills. A lot vendors have mixed reviews.

Its different for steroids because

A) legit raw powder is easy to get
B) making legit gear once you have the raw powder is simple as pour, mix, heat, mix, pour.

A vial of test probably cost 3$ to make they are selling it for 30-40$ why rip you off? If that’s your bread winning business what benefit could possibly come from screwing you over?

Most vendors (including the two you speak of) will tell you if ANYTHING is wrong with the order contact them before you leave a review. They will almost always make it right. The only time they won’t is if it says to them the package was delivered to your address (this is why it’s so important to make sure you use a good address and enter it exactly how they tell you) because if your package doesn’t come you open a dispute with the marketplace and unless they have the verification to send the market that shows your package was delivered you get your money back.

Iv been dealing with both those guys for a while and never once have I had an issue. One time it was taking a bit long to come because it was over Xmas it took 10 days to get to me when normally it rakes 5. I messaged them on the 9th day and they messaged me back saying the package should be to me in a day or 2 and sure enough it was

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That’s what I was thinking. There are dozens of reputable sources in the regular web, it just seems overly complicated.

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Apparently you can buy monkeys

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It is but shit doesn’t get real until you get to The Balls Deep Web