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Deep Water Explained?

I keep hearing about this program on this forum so some weeks ago ive got the free ebook from the website but its not very clear… it seems like some german volume training at certain points. Anyone has experience with it and want to make it more clear??

Not GVT. Aside from the 10x10, there isn’t much similarity.

Which parts are you confused about?

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You’ll have to be more detailed about what you’re unclear on. It’s a pretty simple program based on doing a 10x10 with an exercise and cutting down rest times between sets. This is only the beginner program and it progresses further in the 18 weeks.

What are the exact issues you’re having with the program? And did you read the whole thing, or just skip to the program?


I did read the whole programming part and the intro… whats not clear is how u progress week from week and what makes it so special (mass/strength) compared to programs like lets say GVT…

In the beinner program, you progress by reducing rest times. In the intermediate, you do it by reducing sets. This all explained in between weeks 2 and 3 and weeks 4 and 5 in both programs.


Honestly, nothing makes it special. It’s the same as every other program that will add size and strength. The only thing that makes a program special is when you buy in fully to what it has to offer. If you trust the GVT system 100% and buy into how you’re intended to run it, you’ll have amazing gain in both strength and size. Same thing goes for Deep Water. At the end of the day, you need to decide what you want to run and what you want out of a program. That’s the only way things will ever work out in full for you.

And yes, like Pwn said, it is stated at the Bottom of the “Week 2” and the bottom of the “Week 4” boxes that you reduce rest times. The key to Deep Water is not progressing in weight per say, but progressing mentally. Your first week will be hard, 3rd week will be harder and your 5th week will be borderline insanity if you run it right. This will spark new growth mentally and physically, setting you up for big PRs to come. However, this all goes back to buying into the program fully.