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Deep Squats and Deads enough for hams and quads?


Yeah, are ass-to-grass squats and deadlifts enough to develop a strong set of hamstrings and quads? What else should i throw in there?
also how often should i preform deads, ive read diffrent things from diffrent people on these boards


I also throw in some Glute ham raises and reverse hypers just for good measure. Nothing hits the hammies quite like a GHR.



herb those are great movements but you want to change it up a bit from time to time not only for shock to your system value but also to keep your mind fresh.


Do the deads either clean dead style (on blocks to improve ROM ) or do them snatch grip style.

Keep the back angle the same from floor to knee height to keep the hammies working harder rather than just a lot of lower back.


the basis of my leg training for the last few years has been deep squats and deads. My hammies are weak as piss. So my answer would be NO


as much as i love deads, i'd trade them for good mornings. and i never really feel squats in my quads, no matter how deep or shallow i squat


so GHR of course, cant believe i left that out... Im recovering from being bed ridden for a good month from pretty serious arhtritis haha so my hams arent quite ready for the GHR... But yeah for quads how about lunges and step ups for good measure and throw from front squats in from time to time?


I would throw in the occassional "speed" day with sprinting to work the hamstrings a bit more. I find the deadlift to be more focused on my torso than my legs (except for tons of volume on sumo deads, then my legs get results)


Herb a really good movement you can do for your quads is a Sissy Squat. You control the resistance yourself and when you're able to go all the way down you can start adding plates on your chest and stabilize it with your free hand or you can use a weight vest. That movement is a mainstay in my routine now. If you do not know how to do the movement here is a link http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/Quadriceps/WTSissySquat.html


Thanks for the link PGA

THanks for the input everyone, but could anyone tell me how often i should preform deads? I keep hearing the spinal erectors take longer to heal and that deads should be preformed once a week max?


I'm sure to attain elite levels in powerlifting, you must add other movements to diversify your training.

But I believe that for most bodybuilding purposes, squats and deads will build freaky wheels. They will slap mass on your legs more than any other movements, bar none!

You absolutly can have extremely welll developed legs with only those 2 moves.