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Deep Sore Muscles on TRT

I am experiencing deeply sore muscles. Test and E2 all normal levels but the muscles I work out have a deep soreness for days - I have been working out hard for the last 5 years so it’s not new. Been on trt for 5 weeks - 1m a week with hcg, I am taking 2 1/2 m injections a week.

It feels like a soreness that you would get having just started working out but the pain is sharper and feels deeper in the muscle.

I NEVER get sore off of TRT. I don’t fully understand the mechanism yet, but this is normal.

Happened my first month. It was like I could feel all my muscles growing nonstop. I would yawn and stretch and thats when I could really feel it. Started going to the gym month 2 when it stopped.

I lifted yesterday, I am sore now. At my natural levels (around 270) I would not get sore from that workout.

My natural level was 71. I was fucked up for a long time. And I do construction. Heavy manual labor everyday

71 is a really low figure Jimmy. Sorry to hear that.

Did you do any check up before going TRT ? How is it working for you now in all aspects of life ?

I figure i was low as a teen do to daily marijuana use from 12-22. And daily illicit opiate use from 16-22 then methadone 22-31 current i also had years of benzos sprinkled in hard here and there, illicit and rx at times. I have been. Clean except methadone for 9 years and have gotten worse until i figured out the issue 4 months ago. Life has gotten 100% better since starting. Been in the gym almost daily and i get hardons like a 14 year old. Only issue i have had was sensitive nipples for like a month and a half, everything else is good. Got all kinds of hair growing in that should have 10 years ago. The hair on my head stopped falling out. Got off my blood pressure meds and have been staying in a good range. It’s been an all around success.

by the way - I wasn’t getting sore before trt but was working out hard

Its probably your muscles growing. Depending on how long you were low there could have been alot of atrophy and im pretty sure they run dry while low and absorb water and kinda blow up when t is fixed. That would be my guess anyway. Its how I interpreted what I was feeling when it happened to me the first month