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Deep Hamstring Tension


Have a tightness in the deep of my left hamstring from a minor injury many years ago, causes my tendon to click as i bend the knee at parallel, pulls on my hip and makes my left leg that bit shorter. Doc says to heat treat it regularly and stretch. I've been using the regular conventional stretches but I was wondering if any of you know any stretches or exercises that will target the deep hamstring more specifically.



have you tried using a lacrosse ball or something to roll deep in the muscle?


If it pulls at the hip, it's either the semimembranosus, semitendinosus, or biceps femoris long head. As alexus stated, a lacrosse ball is a good option for SMR. It appears there could be significant scar tissue and you will need to see a good therapist to locate and directly work on breaking it up.

If all you do is stretch at this point, every thing but the scar tissue will stretch. You will need to break up the adhesions, stretch, and reintegrate the new mobility. Perform SMR often and visit a therapist as often as finances allow.


Got a field hockey ball (lacrosse ones are harder to come by over here) and have been using it regularly for the past couple of weeks. not much progress at the minute, was sondering if I should massage it as much as possible, I'm in college and sitting down in class a lot so was wondering if i should do it during this time