Deep Gluteus Minimus Pain from Leg Exercises Esp Squats/Leg Press

I wondered if any of you guys have had the same issue or heard of someone with same issue and might potentially have a solution.

I have been doing regular leg/glute training once a week for years (a long with back, shoulders, chest other days) and have always had a problem with my Gluteus Minimus screaming out in pain, like a crazy intense burning but really concentrated… during a workout and after. I never feel it anywhere else. I never have a problem in the major part of my glutes or hamstrings or quads.

This is my current workout, but I regularly change it, like once a month, sometimes a fortnight but its similar as in there will always be a squat variation, come machines or cables, some bodyweight stuff… and its nearly always the same issue. (although not quite as bad with sumo squat or deadlift).

15 mins joint mobilization (leg swings, circles, hip openers, knee circles etc).

Front Squat 4 x 8
Leg Curl 4 x 8
Back Extension
Reverse Hypers
Box Jumps
DB Step up
DB reverse Lunges

Last month I swapped out Front Squat for conventional, and good mornings instead of leg curl, but same problem. Also the pain starts straight after doing squats and just gets worse the further through I get.

ps. I eat clean high protein/low carb apart from on training days where I eat sweet potato, yams or porridge. I supplement with Whey, Electrolytes, GLC, ZMA, Flax, Fish Oil, Multivitamins and minerals.

Uh… if the pain is severe, why not go to the doctor (eg, orthopedist). I had a problem with sciatica I acquired during my contest prep. So I went to the doc, and then the PT.

No one on a forum can assess you, even if they have the credentials.


you sure it’s your glutes and not your piriformis?

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