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Damn, I've been suffering from an intestinal virus for the past 2 days. No appetite, though I've been forcing protein drinks and crackers down every 3 hours.

This morning I looked in the mirror and I look as flat as a paper doll. I'd like to think I lost some fat, but in all likelihood it's probably mostly water and some muscle.

Hoping to gain it all back once I get better. Today is a training day, but I feel a bit too shaky to think about hoisting iron.


No worries man...when in a contest diet deflating yourself is planned and when you carb up and get to eat food again your body sucks it up quick!

A forced fast such as this might be a good thing if you want to stay optimistic. Although an intestinal virus doesn't sound like the way to do it :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Once you eat again you'll fill back out.

I've started my 'bulk' diet and have been sick the last 3 days barely making maintenance cals...so don't feel too bad.


get well soon man and back in the game. :wink:



I had that shit happen earlier this week, missed mon/tues at home staying within range of a bathroom all day, fight through it and ravage the shit out of that kitchen when you feel better =]


Thanks guys.

Yeah DG, a bulking diet is hell at times. Takes a lot out of me. Bloated and churning aren't good feelings. LOL Being sick on top of it makes for misery.

I hope you're right about inflating again. :slight_smile:


Everytime I'm under the weather I experience similar drops,... no appetite, or I just sleep for 14 hours straight (no food). At first, I look really shredded, but after a few days, you freak a bit and look for anything to get soem calories (pop tarts anyone? -lol)



I had strep throat and that sidelined me for almost 2 weeks. I lost weight and a good deal of strength, it'll take about 3-4 weeks to get back to where I was before catching the crap.

Thanks to it being close to Christmas, food was being shoved in front of my face from everywhere. I ate every bit of it too, I have to make up for what i lost quickly.


I just lost 6 lbs because of stress. Not sickness, but still, it was kinda alarming that it would all go in a matter of just under two weeks.

Hope you feel better. PB always seemed kind to my stomach when sick


i recently went a month without eating


About 5-6 years ago, I had a tooth problem, dentist wanted to pull one of my front, lower teeth. As this notion creeped me out a bit, the alternative was some realignment work, whcih after it was set up (brackets and such placed on my teeth), I couldn't close my mouth for a week (the upper teeth would clang into the brackets glued on the lower ones). Suffice to say, my eating was totally affected. I was having Oatmeal with Protein powder and PB mixed in 5x a day -lol



I can't believe you lost any muscle in 2 days that was not to due to some sort of dismembering accident.


If I'm not mistaken, you eat a mostly muscle preserving hight fat diet diet so you might be biased.


No normal person is going to lose an appreciable amount of muscle if they were locked in a closet and ate zero calories for 48 hours